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Writing Update-Ellie’s Wolf News, Audiobooks, & Wolf’s Promise Teaser

Hello, everyone, I thought it was time I let people know what I’m up to these days writing-wise. I have been working with my editor on edits for Ellie’s Wolf.  And did you know that the book will be coming out much earlier than I had expected?

The Release Date for Ellie’s Wolf is Monday, August 26, 2013!

That’s less than two months from now! Next weekend is a long weekend for me since my day job is closed Thursday and Friday for the Fourth of July, so I will be taking advantage of time off to send out my newsletter. It will have the first three chapters of Ellie’s Wolf attached. If you’re interested in getting a sneak peek at Quill and Ellie be sure to check your email on Saturday.


Another thing I’ve been busy with is audiobooks. Not that I actually did anything except listen to various auditions, which was fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.  It was a difficult choice, but the narrator I chose is Clementine Cage from Brick Shop Audio. I love her voice and the way she made each character sound distinctly different. The quality of sound at Brick Shop Audio is excellent. I’m so pleased that my audiobooks will be well done. The production phase for Sleeping With the Wolf is wrapped up and I expect the book to be available at Audible, Amazon and iTunes by mid-July. Clementine and Brick Shop Audio are currently working on Wolf’s Glory. The five minute sample they did made me squee like a teenager!


Finally, I am working on Wolf’s Promise, the story of the plane’s surviving co-pilot and Des, Taye’s second-in-command. I love Connie. She’s one of those kick-@$$ heroines who is fun to write, although she has a tendency to take over the story to get her way. This will be a short free read, so I’ll be posting chapters here as we go. Later it will be on Amazon, etc.


Want a little teaser? Click Here for Wolf’s Promise Chapter 1Do remember, please, this has not been to the editor yet. Actually, I haven’t done much self-editing either, so it’s rough. Be kind!


5 Responses to Writing Update-Ellie’s Wolf News, Audiobooks, & Wolf’s Promise Teaser

  • Thank you for the Wolf’s Promise peek, loved it, typos and all!! So excited that Ellie’s Wolf will be coming out early, can’t wait.

  • So happy Ellie’s Wolf is coming out so soon. I’m flying to the US on the 27th August so now i know what I’ll be reading during that long flight :)Thank you!! 🙂

  • AAARRRGGG! Some how I didn’t get my newsletter with the three chapters! Either my honey accidentally deleted it or it didn’t come through. Is there a way to get a hold of it? I’ve been a subscriber to your news letter for a while so I should’ve seen it.

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