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13 Characters In Wolf’s Glory

For Thursday 13 I’m going to introduce you to thirteen characters from my upcoming book Wolf’s Glory. Some of these characters were first seen in Sleeping With the Wolf. Others are brand new. Some play large roles, some are mere mentions. Ready? Here we go:
1. Wolf’s Shadow. Hero. Second in Command of the Wolf Clan. He’s claimed his mate and will not accept no for an answer.
2. Glory Peterson. Heroine. Mouthy goth princess. She’ll say yes to a few things, but only on her own terms.
3. Jill Lampett, the Clan Lupa. Called Grandmother by all because she’s the oldest woman in 500 miles.
4. Arthur Muddy Wolf. Alpha of the Wolf Clan and Shadow’s father. He loves his son, but has to act in the best interests of the Clan. 
5. Jumping Stag. A wolf of the Clan who has also found a mate. Stag courts her, but won’t force his mate to accept him.
6. Sherry Rowe. A plane crash survivor who is terrified of the wolf who claims her.
7. Blue Sky at Midday. Shadow’s younger brother who had been living at Taye’s den. He sees a survivor and his wolf claims her.
8. Rose Turner. A plane crash survivor, barely 16, who fiercely denies Sky’s mating claim.
9. Two Bears. Not wolf-born, he wants a wife and decides that Rose will suit him well.
10. Connie Mondale. The co-pilot and only surviving member of the plane’s crew, she takes charge of the surviving women.
11. Quill Wolfe. A quiet young wolf assigned to be Glory’s guard in Kearney, he tries to ignore his wolf’s claim to Taye’s cousin.
12. Tami Casper. A plane crash survivor who didn’t fare as well as Carla in the husband department. She escapes her “husbands”.
13. The Tracker. A lone wolf from the Clan known for his tracking ability, he is hired by Tami’s men to find her and bring her back.

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