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May Updates

I am really looking forward to going to Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together  in Cincinnati the first weekend in June. I’ve been collecting goodies to put into little gift bags to be handed out at the conference. So far I have my Romance Trading Cards, some magnets, some chocolates, and I’m trying my hand at making some rings. We’ll see how many turn out!

 What else has been going on in my life these days? A lot. Everything except writing, it seems.

My mom had to have another surgery on her elbow. It was supposed to be sometime in May, but they moved it to the Thursday before Easter. I spent a good deal of that week with her at the hospital and  at home. Then, the following Saturday was Silks & Needles, the SCA event I was autocrating and teaching two classes at. Plus I had two lovely ladies from Winnepeg staying with me, so I had to clean, right? In between all that, I was working on the edits for Wolf’s Glory. I was already delayed in that because of the pneumonia that struck me down at the end of March. I’m still not entirely recovered from that.  Next weekend is Crown. Thankfully, I am not in charge of anything for that. I am having a crasher stay, but she’s an old friend, so I think she can suck it up and ignore the dust and c at hair. I am also helping Isabella sew garb for Quest For Camelot. She has such an elegant figure that it is fun to sew for her. But what this all amounts to is poor Tami is still languishing away at the den with Carla and Taye instead of getting it on with her hero.

Actually, I’ve completely neglected doing any housework so I could write. I wrote quite a bit this weekend. Tami has proposed to her strong, silent-type shy hero and he is currently riding through a snow storm to fetch a priest, keeping himself warm by daydreaming about their upcoming wedding night. Tracker is full of contrasts. He’s tough and merciless to those he considers enemies (which would be anyone who hurts Tami in any way), but he’s careful and gentle with Tami. There is one scene where he kills some men who are trying to capture Tami, and callously leaves them where they fell. But in a later scene, she cries and he is absolutely wretched, because he wants to comfort her, but is too shy to do more than hover anxiously and offer her a scrap of fabric to wipe her nose. I love Tracker.

I won’t have much chance to write this week either. I’m taking mom shopping tomorrow, sewing with Isabella on Tuesday, I have church Wednesday, my local Writers’ Guild meeting on Thursday, Friday Sete comes and I should do at least some cleaning, and Sat and Sun are Northshield Crown Tourney. If only I didn’t have to work a day job! 🙂 I’m expecting the final line edits for Wolf’s Glory around the end of the week, so the following week will be filled by the last edits. After I turn those in the book should be out in a few weeks later. Maybe mid-June? Or earlier? Fingers crosssed!

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