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13 of My SCAdian Friends

I am in a medieval/renaissance recreation organization called the SCA.  This weekend is Twelth Night in the Barony of Nordskogen (Minneapolis, MN) I am not able to go to that event due to work and possibly weather. That means I will miss seeing some of my favorite people. So I will feature them here. These are not the ONLY people I will miss seeing, but I am planning on going to the Twelth Night in Castel Rouge in Winnepeg Canada on the last weekend in January so I will see many friends there.. You will note that the majority of my friends wear Viking or Byzantine garb. Which type of garb do you like best?



1. Tarrach and Fina, wearing court Byzantine garb. One of the premiere power couples in the Kingdom of Northshield. They have ruled the midrealm and Nothshield, earning them the rank of Duke and Duchess. A few of their other titles include Mistress and Master of both the Laurel and the Pelican, Knight of the Society, Lady of the Rose, etc, etc, etc. When I was a brand new beginner in the SCA they were extremely welcoming and helpful.





2. Sigurd and Helena in Viking garb. My very generous next door neighbors, whom I call in an emergency. A fun young couple newly married. He does marvelous woodworking; she does card weaving and fights rapier.







3. The Honorable Lady Devon Ffrenche and Lord Roibaird in Elizabethan garb. My adopted niece and her husband. Both accomplished rapier fighters.





4. This lady is my friend Lusche, currently HRH Princess of Northshield. She’s in Viking and I’m in early Tudor. I think we might have had a little much to drink?







5. Baron Berwyn, newly made Master of the pelican, me and Baroness Ceridwen, part of the purple Byzantine Brigade.













6. The Honorable LadyEabblean of Castel Rouge in a Rus coat. A lovely lady of such generosity and grace that she is widely beloved in her Barony and Kingdom.







7. Two knights of my acquaintance, Sir Jurgen von Baden (kneeling) in German garb and Sir Yngvar inn Heppni in Vendel garb. Two of the finest men in my kingdom. Great fighters, honorable and generous with their time









8. The Honorable Lady Asny and Lord Ansila the Goth in Viking garb. Residing at the very Western edge of our Kingdom, they travel tirelessly. They are talented and generous. It’s always a joy to see them.







9. Lady Una in Viking garb. This lady would not have been at the event, as her first baby is due any day. I’ve known her husband for many years and he’s a wonderful man. But he’ll be the first to say how lucky he is to have won her.







10. My very good friend Hrodir Vigageir Toreson, currentlyKing of Northshield, in Elizabethan garb. he usually does Viking or Rus, but his queen had wanted a late period reign, and with his generous spirit he put on the garb she chose.





11. Baroness Ainsleah, Mistress of the Laurel, wearing her signature beaded and embroidered Byzantine/Rus garb. It’s hard to see in the pic but the white motifs are solid tiny pearls, which she hand-sewed on. That gown can practically stand on its own. Gorgeous!







12. The Honorable Lady Gwen, her daughter the Honorable Lady Katherine and the Honorable Lady Devon. My kinswomen who adopted me into the de Bohun household a few years ago. Gwen and Devon are wearing early Norman garb, and Katherine is wearing the parti-colored cote hardie from the late 14th century.



13. Baroness Greta, Mistress of the Pelican in Viking. A tireless worker for the Kingdom of Northshield. She has served as Exchequer, and done a fantastic job, even through knee replacement surgery and reading through the first manuscript I’ve ever submitted. It was accepted right away, and I’m pretty sure she’s one of the big reasons why.  I love Greta!


Someday I’ll write a historical romance where I can get the clothing right. Which style of garb catches your fancy?

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