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Hacker Scammer Scum

Earlier this week my email was hacked and hijacked. My contact list was sent an email saying that I had been mugged at gunpoint in London and needed money right now to get back home. This hacker then got into my Facebook account and tried to chat with my friends asking for money. I’m incredibly angry about this, especially since my contact list was deleted, and all my saved emails were deleted too, including one I received from my little sister the morning of the day she was killed in a car accident. I’ve been saving that for a while, pulling it up now and then to re-read our plans for the following weekend. Now it’s gone, and it’s almost like having her be taken away all over again.

Here is the email sent from my account:

How you doing? I made a trip to London (United Kingdom) unannounced some days back,Unfortunately i got mugged at gun point last night! All cash,Credit card and phone were stolen,i got messed up in another country, stranded in London, fortunately passport was back in our hotel room. It was a bitter experience and i was hurt on my right hand, but would be fine. I am sending you this message because i don’t want anyone to panic,i want you to keep it that way for now.

My return flight leaves in a few hours but I’m having troubles sorting out the hotel bills, wondering if you could loan me some money to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport about ($1,800). I have been to the police and embassy here,but they aren’t helping issues,I have limited means of getting out of here,i have canceled my credit cards already and made a police report, I won’t get a new credit card number till I get back home! So I really need your help.You can contact the hotel management through this telephone number +44 702 404 6640 or +44 702 408 6898,you could wire whatever you can spare to my name and location via Western union:

Location:57 Liberty Avenue,London
United Kingdom
SW19 2QS .

Get back to me with the details,would def refund your money once i get back you can count on that,below are the details needed for me to pick up the money with my passport.

Amount Sent:

I await your prompt response.
* * * * * * *
So here are 13 Things I’d Like To Say to the Person who hacked my accounts:

1. Learn to write proper English. If you’re pretending to be me, you should know I’m a native born writer of English, and I know how to punctuate.

2. Did you enjoy the chatty emails I sent to the account you switched to be my primary email? I assume you did, since you replied with a taunt about how 4 of my friends had already sent you 7000 usd.

3. You are a liar. None of my friends have that kind of money, and the ones who care enough about me to be willing to send money know I’m not in London.

4. I have a pair of shoes and I’m not afraid to use them. If you are ever caught I will spend every cent I have for the opportunity to kick you in the balls. The spikes on the toes will create a very satisfying experience. For me.

5. You are pitiful and not as smart as you think you are. Americans don’t use “7000 usd”. I’m laughing myself silly at your stupidity.

6. How much money are you actually making doing this? You’ve been in business with this same scam since at least 2009, and probably earlier. I assume it’s been at least somewhat successful or you would have stopped by now. That means you have committed international theft. The punishment is higher for that.

7. You are a thief. I’ve tracked you to Africa. I’ve heard in some places in Africa theives have their hands chopped off. I approve.

8. My surviving sister is a witch. She has cursed you and asked our deceased sister to haunt you. She could be a real bitch in life and I bet you’re going to have a lovely time with her now that she’s dead and has a grudge against you.

9. You told someone your name is Tunde and you want the money to go to college. What a load of crap. You probably think you’re too smart for college. Again, what a load of crap.

10. I believe in justice. Revenge is good too. I’ll settle for laughing at you while you burn in hell.

11. You are building up a ton of bad karma for yourself. Do you get a kick out of imagining people like me scrambling to get their online lives back together? Do you chuckle at the frustration and heart ache you cause? Watch out. You know what they say about payback. And karma always has the last word.

12. You are a coward without the balls to face your victims. Robbing people through the anonymity of the internet takes no courage.

13. I hate you and I hope someday to be able to dance on your grave. Rot, you scamming hijacking hacker scum.

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