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13 People I Hope to Meet This Weekend

This weekend I’m going to be at Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together in Cincinnati. I’m a brand new author and tho I feel i’ve amde friends in the4 writing community I only know them via the internet. So I’m really hoping to meet them in person!

1. Nalini Singh. This lady is no one I’ve even chatted with, but I LOVE her books. I’m bringing Kiss of Snow and hope to have her sign it for me. I hope I don’t go all fan-girl on her.

2. Monette Michaels/Moni Draper. An editor at Liquid Silver Books, she has been very kind and encouraging to me.

3. Virginia Cavanaugh. A fellow writer who stepped in when I needed some help and encouragement with Wolfs’ Glory.

4. Emily Ryan Davis. Years ago I read her Dragon Queen trilogy and when I first joined Romance Divas I squealed at seeing her name. Then she actually posted a response to one of my questions!

5. Sasha Devlin. A fellow author who was kind enough to say she loved Sleeping With the Wolf.

6. Paige Tyler. A fellow author (who has way more experience in the romance pubosihing world than I do) and Thursday 13 participant.

7. Robyn Bachar. Another Romance Diva I want to meet.

8. Ann Christopher. This author kindly volunteered to give me a ride to the airport on Sunday.

9. Keri Ford. A fun loving fellow author and Romance Diva.

10. Eliza Gayle. Another of the Romance Diva crew.

11. Jeanette Murry/KJ Reed. Romance Divas everywhere! This is going to be SO FUN!

12. Linnea Sinclair. Another author I’ll probably squeal over like a fan girl.

13. Mary Quast/Cindy Spencer Pape/Elise Logan/okay, I’ve run out of numbers before I ran out of people I want to meet!

This will be my very first conference as an author, so I’m a little nervous. But I’m going to do my best to put my “I’m-not-shy” face on and get to know some of the marvelous people I’ve rubbed shoulders with online. If you’ll be at Lori Foster’s please come find me and say hello!

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