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Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together 2011

I’ve now been to my first ever writer conference and it was great! I was afraid it might be a bit of an ordeal for me since I tend to be overwelmed by crowds, but it wasn’t like that at all. I wandered around after registering, looking for online friends, but I didn’t see anyone I knew so I sat at a table with these three lovely people.Maureen,Wendy and her daughter Lilly were very friendly, and Wendy had even read Sleeping With the Wolf! I felt like I had made some new friends.
Later that evening I did find some Divas. It was marvelous to meet them. Now when I am online it will be even nicer because I’ll be able to put faces with names.

 I didn’t know I’d have a place at the book signing table so I was totally unprepared. I was seated beside Dana Marie Bell, who   was very friendly. I got a lot of great ideas about what to bring for a signing when your books are in e-format. I handed out the rest of my romance trading cards, signed a few shirts, bags and even a kindle cover.
Steph Smith, who recently moved back to Cincinnati, dropped in to say hi and have a drink.  Here she is with Romance Diva Neith (Elise Logan)

I even got to meet a couple Diva’s husbands. this is Paige Tyler and her husband Paul. I really enjoyed them. 
I didn’t get half the pictures I wanted to. I met so many people that I wish I had photos of like Mary Quast and Rita Sawyer and Nalini Singh. Virginia Cavanaugh and I goofed around in the photo booth. My scanner isn’t the greatest, but here we are, being silly and having fun.  It was a great weekend for me and I’m looking forward to doing it again.


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