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13 Things I Love About the SCA

I am a part of the SCA, an educational not-for-profit organization that recreates the best parts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international group, so chances are good there could be a group near you. The world is divided into Kingdoms, and each kingdom is divided into baronies and shires. I am a member of the Shire of Korsvag in the Kingdom of Northshield. There’s not much that I don’t like about it, but here are 13 things I love about it.

1. Playing dress up. I can wear a beautiful dress from the Italian Renaissance or Viking Age Scandinavia. I have more SCA garb than work clothes.
2. Being a Baroness of the Court. Is it small of me to enjoy wearing a silver and amethyst crown and having people call me “Your Excellency” ? It does wonders for a fragile ego.
3. Knights in Armor. Men in uniform are always hot. Sweaty too.
4. Knights out of Armor. Men out of uniform are hotter.
5. Watching fighting. This is possibly the greatest draw for non-SCAdians.
6. Making good friends. I know people from all over MN, WI, ND, SD, parts of Canada.
7. Learning the crafts of the Middle Ages like spinning, knitting, weaving.
8. Seeing other people’s pretty clothes and wonderful things they’ve made. It’s fun to see a 9th Century Viking warrior standing next to a 16th Century Englishwoman.
9. Learning court dances that are hundreds of years old.
10. Researching costume history. If my character is wearing an Elizabethan gown you can bet I’m pretty accurate in my descriptions, because I’ve sewn it and worn it.
11. Eating High Feast with five removes. Sometimes feasts last for hours. Removes (courses) are served with entertainment in between like singing or dancing or jugglers.
12. Chivalry, courtesy and grace. These are emphasized and held up as a standard in the SCA.
13. Bardic Circles. At night at camping events (and some non-camping events) bards gather around a fire and sing and tell stories, much as would have been done in period. I am not a singer but I am a story teller.

What hobbies do you have that take up a big chunk of your time and budget?

9 Responses to 13 Things I Love About the SCA

  • Sounds like you have a fun time! The hobbies I practice that are most expensive are scrapbooking and stamping my own cards. I should own stock in Stampin’ Up alone, considering the amount of money dropped over the last decade. Too bad I can’t afford anything in the new holiday mini catalog. Sniff.

  • How neat! I’ve got a friend into Celtic enactments on a small scale. He recently started tanning his own leather. As for me, I’ve been studying Japanese through Rosetta Stone software. It’s definitely waking up my brain! I just need to get up the nerve to take a class on the culture and I’m sure I’ll meet interesting people, too. Thank you for sharing!

  • This sounds like so much fun. I really don’t think there are any groups in New Zealand. I’m going to have to research further.

  • I love these pictures!!! What a great way to spend extra time!

  • Hey, all, thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you about the hobby that takes up the majority of my time and money. For me the SCA is like a big family. Not many of the my SCA friends read romance, but they are very supportive of my writing. For historical medieval romance novelists a learned SCAdian is a treasure trove of knowledge about costume, weaponery, history, culture and more. Shelley, the Kingdom for New Zealand is Lochac. I know there’s a group in Auckland, one in Wellington and a few other places. I have no idea how close any of those are for you but you if you were interested, could check it out here. http://lochac.sca.org/lochac/groups/groups.php

  • what’s a “hobby”? lol

    I know lots of SCA peeps, and they all love it. I’m too lazy to do SCA – all that sewing?

    I admire the dedication and skill all the stuff for SCA takes – good for you – and it makes for awesome research.

  • I’m almost a little jealous. This looks and sounds like a LOT of fun!!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have room in my schedule at the moment for the kind of hobbies I’d love to get back into (playing instruments, learn a new language). The only ones I can squeeze time in for right now is movie watching and game playing, and mostly only because they both get to double as family fun time.

  • As someone who sews, I can appreciate the hard word that goes into making any of those costumes. Sounds like a great escape. Thanks for sharing and Happy T13!

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