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13 Things I’ve Made This Year

Time for Thursday Thirteen. Here are thirteen things I’ve made in 2011:


1. A warm handknit balaclava for my brother.




 2. A Moebius scarf/wrap for a friend.


 3. A dishcloth and scrubbie for the next door neighbors.


 4 & 5. A hat and scarf for me


 6.The petticoat to go with my steampunk outfit


 7. The bustle skirt for the steampunk outfit


 8. My steampunk outfit sans hat


 9 & 10. I hand dyed the yarn and hand knit the socks for a secret sister sock exchange.


 11. Socks that I knit for ME!


 12. Sandbags for the flood fight





13. Wall Art. The covers of my two books framed between two handcarved wolf mirrors that friends gave me as a congratulatory gift for my first release.

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