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The Beagle

Photo by Gary Lura

One of the secondary characters in Wolf’s Glory is one of Wolf’s Shadow’s many cousins. This cousin is one who doesn’t spend a lot of time with the Clan. He’s a bit of a loner, not liking to be with large numbers of people, with the predictable nickname Lobo. He chose it himself, preferring it over his real name.  Lobo plays a small but important role in the story as he and his trusty sidekick help save Glory from being kidnapped. What sort of a sidekick does a werewolf have? Well, a beagle of course! What does Lobo call his trusty sidekick? The Beagle! Lobo is the sort of guy who today would lift weights, ride a Harley and be perfectly happy spending hours working on his bike with a beer at hand. He’s the kind of guy who is glad to offer a hand to his neighbors and rescue a damsel in distress as long as he isn’t required to stick around to receive their gratitude.  The Beagle, on the other hand, is thrilled to make friends with people, especially people who will pet her and feed her things that aren’t good for her. This is a picture of The Beagle, who is based on Raz, the dog belonging to my friend Jill Lamp and her husband Gary Lura. The Beagle is just like Raz, and Lobo may have a little of Gary in him, too. 😉

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