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13 Titles for My Books

My Thursday 13 this week is a list of titles for books I have published, contracted, written, partially written or just thought of. Naturally, for those I have not contracted, names may change šŸ™‚ Do you have this many partials just laying around? I’ve always written for fun. Now I’m thinking about bringing these out, brushing them off and typing them up for possible publication.

1. Sleeping With the Wolf (book 1, After the Crash)-published by Liquid Silver

2. Wolf’s Glory (book 2, After the Crash)-contracted by Liquid Silver

3. Tracking Tami (book 3, After the Crash) – 1st draft half written

4. Eddie’s Prize (book 4, After the Crash)- 1st draft written

5. Sky’s Rose (book 5, After the Crash) – not written

6.Ā Saving Ellie (book 6, After the Crash) – not written

7. Blood Prince (book 1, Erabiri Trilogy) – 1st draft half written – romantic fantasy

8. The Stinger (book 2, Erabiri Trilogy) – 1st draftĀ 3/4 written – romantic fantasy

9. Demon Prince (book 3, Erabiri Trilogy) – not written

10. Lord of the Black RidersĀ (book 1, Down the Rabbit Hole) – fantasy romance – 3/4 written

11. Lord of Del Tai (book 2, Down the Rabbit Hole) – 1/3 written

12. Lord of Ice (book 3, Down the Rabbit Hole) – 1st draft written

13. DreamĀ  Lady – takes place in the After the Crash world, in Japan, 100 years later. 1st draft 4/5 written.

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