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What have I been up to lately? Aside from recovering from pneumonia? Well, working on edits for Wolf’s Glory. And working the day job. After missing a little over a week at my desk at NAS, I’m way behind on my work.  So I put in my eight hours there, and go home to my other desk. My editor has been very understanding about me being sick. She said I should take care of myself first, then work on the edits. I have gone through the manuscript,  made some changes and additions, and turned it in. My editor will review it and send it back sometime this week for me to continue to make improvements. If you go to the Excerpts Page you will find the whole first chapter of Wolf’s Glory.


Another thing that everyone in Fargo is doing is watching the river rise. Unlike in 2009 we have had months to prepare for this flood. I put in my shift at Sandbag Central filling sandbags back in February. This time around the flood fight is calm and steady. I don’t even have an emergency evacuation bag packed. Hm. Hope I won’t need one. The river is hovering right around 38.5 feet, 20.5 feet above flood stage. I believe that is the fourth highest crest on record. It may still go a little higher, but not much. As long as the dikes and sandbags hold we’ll be fine. There are about 60 miles of roads under water, including an interstate highway, so getting around is tricky. Rural kids are being brought to school via ATMs, canoes and air boats. Fun times here in the Red River of the North’s valley. Send positive vibes our way, everyone!

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