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A Few Upcoming Give-Aways!



I appreciate my readers so much! To all of you who have read my books and enjoyed them enough to mention them to your friends,
Thank You! I wanted to do something nice for you in return. During the next JustRomanceMe bloghop (date not yet determined, but probably in month or two) I will be giving away this little shoulder shawl.  I knit it myself, so I can point out all the boo-boos :), but it’s still pretty cute.

I am still working on Eddie’s Prize, but there is hope that I will have the rough draft completed by the time I go to bed on Sunday, September 23. Right now I am writing a scene where Lisa has (in utter frustration) sworn she’ll never try to knit again. She HATES knitting! Tami tries to teach her how to braid rugs, but that is a disaster for Lisa, too. But Rose introduces her to crochet, and for some reason, that works for Lisa. Soon she is making a granny square, and since she doesn’t like the idea of sewing dozens of squares together, she just keeps working on that one granny square until it becomes a big square afghan. I will be creating Lisa Madison’s After the Crash Throw to give away to a member of my newsletter. More info on that in a few months. Here is how far I’ve gotten on it so far:


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  • I used to work with teen girls in a residential facility that did the same thing with the granny squares. They turned out so great and the girls loved making them.

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