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Tuesday Teaser 12/12/17 Strong Hearts Chapter 1b


Happy Tuesday! I’m under the weather, so I’m home from work today.  I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping, but I’m awake right now and decided that I should take advantage of my alertness to make a post. I plan to do my annual Stuffed Christmas Stocking giveaway soon. If you’d like to enter to win a stocking stuffed with books and swag, the entry form will arrive in my newsletter this weekend. If you don’t get my newsletter, you can sign up by filling out this form. This picture doesn’t include everything I’m giving away. There will be more books, a calendar with each month featuring one of book covers, another mug, more candy… We’ll see how much I can stuff into that stocking! This is just a quick pic I took this morning of some of the items.  😉


Here is the Tuesday Teaser. Enjoy!


Denise watched the two men walk away and shook her head. Two men who were so hot in such different ways didn’t cross her path often, and she wanted to watch them for as long as possible.

“That right there,” drawled her sister beside her, “is one fine Mr. Hottie McHotPants.”

Denise turned to Stella with an arched brow. “Which one?”

“Which one?” Stella’s blue eyes opened wide. “The handsome one, of course. Not the oaf who fell on top of me.”

“The one who fell on you wasn’t as handsome as the other man,” Denise conceded, “but he had a great physique.”

Her sister shuddered delicately. “Oh, sure, if you like men who look like wrestling stars.”

“I do.” She remembered the way the big man’s arms stretched the sleeves of his t-shirt. The shirt was the kind that had been washed so much the blue had faded to gray, and the thin fabric clung to every taut curve and valley of his sculpted torso. “I really, really do.”

“Oh, Sissie, you’re simply hopeless.”

Maybe I am, she thought. Twenty-nine and not a single serious relationship to show for it. Denise tipped her longneck to her lips for the last swallow. “Ready to go?”

“It’s only ten!”

“I work at six,” she reminded Stella.

Stella looked around, maybe hoping for someone else to trip. After a minute, she sighed. “Alright. Let’s go back to that dump you call home.”

Denise set the bottle on the bar very carefully. “Since I’m letting you stay there rent free until you find a job, you shouldn’t complain.”

“Oh.” Stella covered her painted mouth with delicate fingers. “I know. I shouldn’t have said that. You’ve been better to me than I deserve. I’m sorry.”

Denise nodded. Her sister always apologized when she said something mean. It was as if Stella was simply unaware of how her comments sounded, but Denise didn’t buy it. Stella was twenty-nine, a little old for the innocent act. In Denise’s opinion, Stella had plenty of smarts, but she was stupid when it came to men. Stella probably thought the opposite. Denise shook her head. Her sister had left Mississippi dead broke and desperate after her boyfriend kicked her out of their apartment. Denise would never, ever put herself in a position where she depended on a man for everything. Nope, as sure as God made Texas, she would never be under a man’s control.

But it didn’t do any good to try to convince Stella that she could be self-sufficient. The main reason Stella had wanted to go out tonight was to meet some men. Billie’s Bar & Grill was a place where Denise and her last boyfriend had gone to unwind. She should have known it wasn’t Stella’s kind of place as soon as she came out of her room in that tiny silver dress.

With a sigh, Denise pushed off the bar stool. “Let’s go.”

In the car, Stella twisted a lock of hair around her finger. “Did you truly like that big guy?”

“Yeah.” He hadn’t been handsome. His face was too hard and blunt for that, but every muscle defined by his tight T-shirt oozed masculinity. Just remembering the ridges and valleys of his torso made her girl parts remember what they were for. Denise cleared her throat. “Yeah, I did.”

“Well … The bouncer called him Doc. Do you think he’s a doctor? A doctor would make a great boyfriend.”

Denise recalled the tattoo on the guy’s arm. It was a military unit’s emblem. He might have been a medic, but a doctor? “I doubt it.”

“I suppose not. He didn’t look like a doctor,” her sister agreed regretfully. “If you had a rich boyfriend you wouldn’t have to live in such a dump. I mean,” she quickly corrected herself, “such a small place.”

It’s not that small, Denise wanted to say, but she kept her mouth shut. She parked her car on the street and led the way up the steps to her admittedly crappy, but fairly roomy, two-bedroom apartment. Stella was almost right when she called the place a dump. She tried to see her place through the eyes of a stranger. The entryway was tiny, so she moved into the kitchen to allow Stella to come in. Yeah, maybe it was a dump. The couch in the living room was upholstered in gold and green plaid that matched the carpet. The shag carpet was avocado green and may have been new in the 1970s. The stains and worn out spots testified to its age. The jumbo-sized recliner, bought at a secondhand store for next to nothing, was neon pink. It might have been an eyesore, but it was comfortable.

Denise hung her keys up with a shrug. It was home. The neighborhood was decent, and the rent was low enough that even someone who was a full-time student at UT Dallas, served in the Texas National Guard, and worked twenty hours a week at an animal shelter could afford it. The carpet was clean if stained, and it didn’t matter if the appliances gave out now and then, because she knew how to get them working without pestering the landlord.

In her glittery cocktail dress, Stella looked as out of place as a hot house flower in a tin can stuffed with daisies. She headed off to the second bedroom, which until a week ago had been Denise’s office. “Good night, Sissy. See you in the morning.” She paused to flash a cheeky grin. “Dream of your muscle man. Maybe that will put you in a better mood.”

Denise rolled her eyes and went to her room to get ready for bed. She did dream of the muscle man. She woke, sweaty and heart pounding a hundred miles an hour, shuddering with the strength of her orgasm. Wow, she thought, wiping the sweat from her upper lip, if that’s what a dream of him does to me, imagine what it would be like with the man himself!

But in her busy life, where would she find time for a boyfriend? Well, maybe for him she could make time. She kicked the tangled sheet off and stretched out on her back. Tomorrow was her busy day. Work at Dog Heaven for three hours, attended three classes, then another two hours at the shelter.  Maybe she could swing by Billie’s for a beer tomorrow after work and ask around about her dream lover? She flung her pillow over her head and told herself to not be an idiot.

But after work the next evening, she swung into Billie’s. What could it hurt, right?

Victoria’s Cat Is Out!


     Victoria Wolfe, the only daughter of the Alpha of the Lakota Wolf Clan, has a mind of her own. Her father might put his foot down, but when she wants something, she gets it. And she wants Marty Madison. His calm steady nature calls to her volatile spirit. The fact that he turns into a mountain lion at will doesn’t matter to her at all.

     Marty Madison has never seen a woman as beautiful as Victoria. Her lush figure and pretty face appeal to him, but what entices him most is her self-assurance. No demure young miss, she faces the world with a steely core of inner strength. Too bad her father objects to him being a mountain cat.

     They thought the only obstacle to their marital happiness was her father. They were wrong. An evil empire is rising in the east, one which threatens not only them, but the homes and lives of everyone they love. Marty will need all of his steady calm to survive. Victoria will need all her steely inner strength to hold on. In a world under threat, can their love triumph over adversity?


Buy it NOW at these e-tailers


Amazon UK

Amazon AU

Barnes & Noble




Cover Reveal!

Victoria’s Cat 

Daughters of the Wolf Clan 2

Expected release date July 11, 2017

Victoria Wolfe, the only daughter of the Alpha of the Lakota Wolf Clan, has a mind of her own. Her father might put his foot down, but when she wants something, she gets it. And she wants Marty Madison. His calm steady nature calls to her volatile spirit. The fact that he turn into a mountain lion at will doesn’t matter to her at all.

Marty Madison has never seen a woman as beautiful as Victoria. Her lush figure and pretty face appeal to him, but what entices him most is her self-assurance. No demure young miss, she faces the world with a steely core of inner strength. Too bad her father objects to him being a mountain cat.

They thought the only obstacle to their marital happiness was her father. They were wrong. An evil empire is rising in the east, one which threatens not only them, but the homes and lives of everyone they love. Marty will need all of his steady calm to survive. Victoria will need all her steely inner strength to hold on. In a world under threat, can their love triumph over adversity?

Brave Hearts is Out!

Brave Hearts is now available on Amazon!

I am very, very excited. And a little nervous! I’ve only written paranormal romance in the past, but when Paige Tyler invited me to submit a story for her Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World I thought I’d give it a try. The hero is Dusty Wolfe, a great uncle of Shadow, Taye, and others of the Lakota Wolf Clan.

Check it out by clicking the title below.



Note: I am an Amazon affiliate. If you follow the link above and buy something on Amazon I receive a small percentage

Book Sale!



Right now the books I own the rights to are on sale at Amazon until Monday November 28, 2016!

Sleeping With the Wolf=FREE

Wolf’s Glory=$1.99

Wolf’s Oath, Sherry’s Wolf and Wolf’s Lady=$0.99 each

You can find my books on Amazon at my author page.

And did you know that if you get Sleeping with the Wolf free on Amazon you can get the audio book for only $1.99? That’s a sweet deal! Same for Wolf’s Glory. Buy the kindle book for $1.99 and the audio book is $1.99.  If you own others if my books in kindle format, the audio version is also just $1.99. Just go HERE to see a list of my books available in audio from Audible.download (5) download (3)


Happy Reading!



Giveaways, Writing, Knitting

In other words, an update! I suppose I could break this up into a couple of different blogposts, but it’s summertime and everyone is busy, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

July giveawayI’m continuing my monthly giveaways.  I really enjoy sending out boxes of goodies. These giveaways are open to those who receive my newsletter. Sometimes they are “grab bag” giveaways, where people enter to win a prize sight unseen. Sometimes it’s a specific prize or set of prizes. Last month’s giveaway was a grab bag. The lucky winner was Nichole from Michigan and this is what was inside her box: 2 full size paperbacks, a couple of short stories, earrings and a pearl ring, magnets, bookmarks, pens, and other swag from writers.


I have August’s giveaway ready to go. It will also be a grab bag, but one thing I knowAugust Giveaway shawl will be in it: This hand knit shawl/scarf. I’ve been working on it all summer, and now it is finished and ready to go around someone’s neck just in time for the cooler mornings ahead. See? My cat Merry stood guard over it while it dried.  If you would like a chance to win this shawl plus other great prizes, you can sign up for my newsletter.

aug give shawl









I am currently working on my contemporary novella for Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. I am LOVING Dusty and Isabel! It comes out in mid October. Isabel owns a yarn shop with her sister, and the shop colors are fuchsia and black. Dusty, in a desperate attempt to catch Isabel’s attention, recklessly signs up for her Learn To Knit class.  In hatthe first class the students learn to knit a dishcloth. Dusty swaggers in to class, confident that he can master knitting without any trouble. He slinks out, convinced that knitting was invented by demons out to drive humans crazy. In the second class, he knits this hat. I am considering writing the pattern up and including it at the end of the book. I’m not sure about that, though.

Do you think it would be appreciated by readers? Would most readers even care? Maybe it would be better to include a link to my website where I could post the pattern?

What are your thoughts about that? Please leave a comment, I would really like to know.

I hope your summer is going well. Only a few weeks until the kids are back in school. I come from a large family, and on the first day of school, my mom put out the flag. She said it should be a national holiday!  LOL

Happy Reading!

Sleeping With the Wolf is Featured

Woo-Hoo! Sleeping With the Wolf is a featured book on

eBook Daily!


Isn’t it great that we live in a world where we can learn about free reads and great book deals just be signing up for a newsletter?  If you’d like to sign up for eBook Daily, just click the graphic above. They have all sorts of books listed that are free. Young Adult, Romance, Sci-Fy, Self Help, non Fiction… Lots of great stuff.
sl wolfLook! My book is #114 over all in the Kindle Free store, and #2 in it’s genre! That makes me HAPPY!!!  LOL



Thank you to everyone who has downloaded a free copy at Amazon, or anywhere else. If you haven’t already, why not download a copy for yourself? If you have the original version from 2010, it was updated slightly in 2015, so you might like to download it again and give it a re-read. Or let a friend who likes to read know about Taye & Carla, and Shadow & Glory, and… All the great characters from the After the Crash series need some love. 🙂


Happy Reading!

Off To RAGT!

Every year for the past six years I have attended Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together. It is a fairly small romance novel conference as these things go. Lori keeps it limited to only 500 attendees, 100 authors and 400 readers, and the focus is on readers.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much. It’s not so big that shy little me feels overwhelmed, and I get to actually meet and spend time with readers. It is closed to the general public, but the book signings at 3pm-5pm on Friday and Saturday are open to everyone. If you are in the Cincinnati, OH area, stop by the Marriott in West Chester on Muhlhauser Road and say hello to me. I’m signing on Friday. I’d love to meet you!

We (we being me, my friend Jessica, and fellow LSB author Tina Holland) are leaving tomorrow morning at 7:00am and heading to Ohio. I’ll be mostly out of touch for the next few days, but I promise pictures when I get back.

Also, since I’m positively giddy with excitement over RAGT, I have reduced the price of Wolf’s Glory from $3.99 to $0.99. The price will go back up on Monday June 13, so if you don’t have it yet, this is a great time to pick it up. Don’t forget that the first book, Sleeping With the Wolf, is still FREE. And hey, if you like audio books, if you buy these in digital format on Amazon, they are only $1.99 each over on Audible. As my grandmother would say, such a deal!

Wolf’s Glory at Amazon.com

Wolf’s Glory on B&N


Ciao for now and Happy Reading!


Olivia’s Mate is Out!

Olivias-Mate-Fnl-sm-200x300 (1)

Today is the Day! At last,  Olivia’s Mate is out!


     Olivia Stensrud, a beloved daughter of the Lakota Wolf Clan, lives a charmed life in a world recovering from the nuclear attacks seventy-five years earlier. When she is stolen by a feral cat-shifter who insists she’s his mate, the men of her clan track her down and take her back. Sent away to safety, Olivia finds it impossible to forget the handsome savage who lives according to nature’s law.


     Kit is heartbroken. A mate is a rare thing for his kind to find. Her father promised to kill him if he ever came near Olivia again, but Kit can’t give up such a precious treasure. Determined to make himself a fit mate for a Daughter of the Wolf Clan, Kit goes to live with humans and learn their civilized ways.


     Will the thin veneer of culture be enough to win her heart? Or will her menfolk drive him off before he even has a chance to court her?


Olivia’s Mate is the first book in a new spin off series called The Daughters of the Wolf Clan. (There may be a second series called Sons of the wolf Clan. Taye and Carla’s son, Colby, is just screaming for a mate of his own. As you’ll see in Olivia’s Mate, Colby needs to be whipped into shape before he can make a good husband. 😉 ) Olivia’s Mate is the story of Tracker and Tami’s daughter. Remember them? They were the hero and heroine from Wolf Tracker) They were two of my favorite characters. I enjoyed writing them again, and seeing some of the other couples from the After the Crash series.


If you’d like to read Olivia and Kit’s story, you can follow the appropriate link below. 🙂


Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble



Happy Reading!



Lightning Fast Paperback Giveaway!


First, to those who celebrate,

Happy Easter!



Second, Ellie’s Wolf, Wolf’s Vengeance, and Wolf’s Lady will be available very soon in paperback. I haven’t had a giveaway on my blog for quite a while, since I do monthly contests through my newsletter, but I’ve decided to do this giveaway right here.


The PRIZE: A set of the three newest books in paperback. That is Ellie’s Wolf, Wolf’s Vengeance, and Wolf’s Lady.


How to Enter: Just leave a comment on this blog post BEFORE 6:00PM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME MONDAY MARCH 28. Comments left after 6pm on Monday, March 28 will not be added to the drawing. The drawing will take place at 6:30pm March 28. I will email the winner right away and ask for their snail mail address.

     Please remember that if you get my newsletter and you use that same email addy to leave your comment, you are automatically entered twice in this giveaway.


Ready, Set, Go!!!


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