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Another Short Read?

I am considering putting out a set of novellas next winter.

I’ve had several requests for Connie and Des. Why did she so suddenly change her mind about marriage? And in my current work in progress, Ellie’s Wolf, both Snake and Jelly find their mates.  I thought it could be a collection of short stories. I’ve been trying to think of a title for the collection. Wolf’s Oath is the title for Connie and Des. Snake’s story will be Wolf’s Vengeance. Jelly’s story will be titled Wolf’s Delight. These are all just working titles and may change. In fact, I may not write them at all. I need to finish Ellie’s Wolfe first and get a good outline set up for Wolf’s Princess. But if I do write a collection of short stories, what should I call it?

7 Responses to Another Short Read?

  • How about Wolf’s Promise.

  • OMG! I am soooo excited! (this is me doing a happy dance all around the house 🙂 ) I can hardly wait for Connie and Des’ story. I sent you an email with a ton of question about them last fall. You thought you might do a blurb around Christmas but this is so much better.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Wolf Matters..Wolf Diaries….

  • Oh, I like Wolf Matters. And I may change Wolf’s Pilot to Wolf’s Promise. (stealing Angie’s idea) Because Des makes Connie a solemn vow in order to convince her to accept him.

  • It looks like there’s some interest in the stories. 🙂 I am aiming to finish the rough draft of Wolf’s Prize by April 12th and I’ll begin outlining the novelettes while it’s at the beta readers.

  • As always I wait anxiously for your new books. Devouring any excerpts to tide me over. Please write the stories you have talked about. But have you considered a combination book, with all three couples, and a theme surrounding them, each finding their mates together. Maybe a Wolfs Miracle around Christmas? Thank you for these excellent books and wonderful characters….

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