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Playing Catch Up

Well, Eddie’s Prize has been out for almost a week. I spent January and  February doing edits. The first three weeks of March was eaten up by getting ready for the release.  But now the online promo has been completed, the contests are done, and prizes mailed. That means I can finally get back to Quill and Ellie’s story. In the month of March I have written less that 2000 words, and some of those were for a review of a book I loved.

Oh, and that reminds me that I wanted to talk about reviews. There are, as of now, two reviews on Amazon for Eddie’s Prize. I’m really pleased with these because the reviewers gave honest, well written, balanced reviews. They listed what they liked about the story, and they said what they were disappointed with. Those are the best kinds of reviews. Go take a look.

Before I can write more on Wolf’s Prize, I need to finish knitting the shawl I’m donating for the Rock the Cradle fundraiser for Cats Cradle, the local cat rescue and shelter. It has to be done by Monday morning, so I’m busy with that today and tomorrow.  Then Monday evening I have my Word Weavers critique meeting. So Tuesday I will finally get to write the wedding scene, which will be followed next weekend by the wedding night scene. I better invest in some ice water. Or, no, I don’t need to buy that. It’s still plenty cold here. It’s supposed to warm up next weekend and be (maybe) in the 30s for Easter.  Easter! Oy, I need to clean for company!

So, that’s what I’ve been doing on the writing front. In other words, not much. But it will get better, I promise!


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