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Author Swag for the Annual Reader & Author Get Together


One of the fun things about reader conventions is the swag the authors hand out, right? Bookmarks, Romance Trading Cards, magnets, sticky notepads, pens, key chains, emery boards, lip balm and… Oh, boy! NAIL POLISH!!!!!

     Yes, I ordered 60 bottles of custom nail polish for the Annual Reader & Author Get Together that Lori Foster and Duffy Brown put on every year near Cincinnati. Now, I couldn’t possibly afford to get 525 of these babies to go into the swag bags each attendee will receive, so I’ll be handing them out on Saturday June 8 at 11:20 in the Liquid Silver Books boardroom. My publisher is offering each of their attending authors a 20 minute meet & greet. I’m not above bribing people to attend! If you’ll be at the RAGT please come visit me on Saturday morning! Pick up a bottle of Carla Crimson, Lisa-Love, Shadow’s Sunshine, Quill’s Darling or one of the other luscious colors created just for me by Pam at Paintbox Polish on Etsy. She was  professional and so easy to work with that I can’t recommend her highly enough.

5 Responses to Author Swag for the Annual Reader & Author Get Together

  • Wish I were going….love nail polish 🙂

  • There’s no way I could get to Cincinnati, but boy do I wish….(sigh) Is there any way to order your custom colors from Pam? I would love to have a complete list or for her to put up the collection for those of us who would love to purchase them.

  • I just adore these polishes! Pam was extremely good to work with. Let me get in touch with her and see what she says. It might be possible if she has some left over, but again, she might not. I’ll post back here when I hear from her.

  • Hey, Shelley, I have heard back from Pam, and she says that tho she doesn’t have any more of the polishes made up she still has the supplies and can make more. You could get in touch with her thru her Etsy shop. There’s a contact button on the left. http://www.etsy.com/shop/paintboxpolish Here are the names I’ve given the polishes:
    1. Lisa-licious

    2. Lisa-Love

    3. Wolf’s Promise

    4. Tracking Tami

    5. Quill’s Darling

    6. Delicious Melissa

    7. Wolf’s Glory

    8. Sunshine & Shadow

    9. Carla Crimson

    10. Taye’s Sweetheart

    11. Sara’s Sass

    12. Sky’s Rose

  • Thank you, thank you! My daughter is dying to get her hands on them. he he

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