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Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

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Welcome to Maddy Barone’s stop on the “Baby, It’s Cold!” bloghop.

Yeah, December of 2013 was darned cold here in North Dakota, with windchills dropping down to -59 F. It’s a bit warmer this weekend, but still darned cold! What you need is a cup of coffee, an afghan and a good book to curl up with, and I have one you. It’s a novella, so you can finish it in an evening, and it ends on New Year’s Day 2065. Best of all: It’s free!


LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop When a plane from the year 2014 crashes in a dystopian future world where women are rare and required to marry, the female pilot is determined to protect the surviving passengers under her care. Does she have to do it alone, or can she accept the mate claim of the werewolf who wants her?


Connie Mondale, co-pilot of a plane that crashed in a future where women are rare, has no intention of being forced into marriage, thank you very much. A former fighter pilot, she’s accustomed to being in charge. But leading two dozen undisciplined women is harder than flying missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. Scarier, too, with woman-hungry men outnumbering them two hundred to one, and demanding marriage. When Des, the grim-faced werewolf who is always there for her, offers to share the load, how can she refuse?

Des Wolfe knows Connie is his mate. She refused his mate claim, so he tried to settle for being her friend. But when an opportunity comes to have her for his own, he grabs it with both hands, determined to have her love. If that means taking on a whole house full of women and making them his Pack, he’ll do it. There is no price too high for Des to pay to have Connie for his mate.

Blog hoppers can get it from Smashwords for free through Sunday January 5 only. Go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/368522 and enter the coupon code HG29Z. Yes, absolutely free, until Sunday!

Wishing you all a very happy, productive and joyful 2014!

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