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Book Scout

Do you like to read romances with the heat setting a little lower? With sex that takes place off the page? Where the story focuses more on romance and less on sex? Sometimes those are hard to find. So, voila! Book Scout to the rescue.


What is Book Scout? It’s a website and a newsletter that features romance novels that have a lower heat rating. It is just now getting off the ground. Here is what one of their FAQ says:


What’s up with Book Scout? Do you guys have something against sex?


Nope! Some of our best friends write sex.

The truth is that books with lower heat levels have fewer marketing opportunities and less buzz. We wanted to create a place where those books got to be the focus without creating a community that was anti-sex or pro-any-religious background.

Book Scout is first and foremost about finding more good books.


If you enjoy reading books like this, why not hop over to their website and check them out?  Sign up for their newsletter. It’s free and you can always drop it anytime.

Book Scout




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