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Do I Look Innocent?

Do I Look Innocent?



This afternoon I spent a half hour in the billing office of the local mega-hospital/clinic conglomerate explaining to the woman (who was extremely unhelpful in the politest possible way) why I believe I had over-paid my bill by several hundred dollars and should have a refund. After about twenty minutes of going over all my receipts with them and showing them my itemized Health Spending Account (HSA) expenditures, I finally got the woman to admit, that, yes, I had over paid. The issue stemmed from the fact that they switched billing software in June. No, I couldn’t have a refund. Their policy was that they would apply any excess funds to my next bill.

Does she realize that I plan to NEVER see any doctor at their facility again? My regular doctor had left the clinic to move to a distant city and their billing practices have convinced me that I don’t want to use their services again.

Grrr! See the image above? Yeah, lady, you are about to become a minor character in Wolf’s Prize, and you are going down. Buh-bye.


No, I never did get my money, but I’m not giving up. I don’t know what i’ll do yet, but I have a bottle of wine and a pound of fudge. Soemthing will come to me.

5 Responses to Do I Look Innocent?

  • Call an attorney, the better business bureau and the local news. If you make enough noise you will get a refund. This was their error after all.

  • Maddie,may a nice case of Disintary befall the nice lady..LOL

  • Been there, done that. Keep going up the chain of command. Her supervisor, the department manager, all the way up to the CEO all with that syrupy sweet voice explaining that an attorney will be contacting them if the issue isn’t resolved quickly. I got the $3700+ back.

  • Contact your insurance company. You can at least get them on fraudulent billing that way. I also agree with working up the ladder, the BBB, the local media, and a lawyer if needed. Remember, be nice and polite to the people, until it’s time not to be nice. You can’t be the only one this happened to. They know it and are banking on people not noticing. I can’t believe their policy either. Wonder when it was enacted? Hmmm…put in place because they’d be in the hole over how much they’ve overbilled, perhaps?
    Good luck!

  • Thank you for your comments! On Monday I will call my HSA rep and ask them to trace the supposed charge reversal. I don’t see it my online account, but it may take as few days to show up. Why they mailed me a paper check for $13.80 and reversed the rest by credit I don’t know. I’ll give them a week for the refund to show up (just in case the woman didn’t want to admit their error but did the reversal as soon as I left) and then I’ll take it further.

    I know mistakes happen. I work in the financial dept at Medicare, and deal with this sort of thing all the time. When a mistake is found it needs to be fixed as speedily as possible.

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