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Tuesday Truth: the Giveaway is Coming!

I am going to be having a set of giveaways to celebrate the release of Eddie’s Prize!

Lisa's AfghanWhat am I giving away?
Well, for starters, an afghan (made by me. See on the left? It’s almost done!) based on the one Lisa crochets in Eddie’s Prize, a sterling silver skeleton key on  a fine chain (because my tagline is “Unlock Your Imagination”) coffee and mugs, chocolate delicacies locally made right here in Fargo ND,  and, of course, an ARC of Eddie’s Prize. Actually, I’ll be giving away a couple of ARCs.

When will this be? It will start on or around February 28, 2013

How do you enter?  These giveaways will be through my newsletter only. I send out a newsletter only about every other month. At the end of February I will send out an e-form you can use to enter the giveaway.  If you’re not a member of my newsletter and you’d like to sign up you can click here.



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