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Fool For Love!


Welcome to Maddy Barone’s stop of the Fool For Love Blog Hop from Just Romance Me. To join the Hop just click HERE. The good folks who run the Hop are giving away a free download of one of my stories, and I’m giving away a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Keep Reading to find out how to enter.

I write paranormal romance with a twist. Like time travel to a post apocalyptic future where women are rare. A plane takes off in 2014 and crashes in 2064, and the survivors learn that terrorists destroyed the world they knew. Due to disease released by the terrorists, women are few. And werewolves really do exist and they want mates to cherish.


I’m writing this blog post on the evening of Thursday April 3. You might think that means warm spring weather. Not in North Dakota. We had a blizzard a few days ago and right now heavy wet snow is falling. It’s no very cold out, but it’s the kind of wet cold that seeps in your bones. It reminds me of a a scene in my upcoming release Wolf’s Vengeance. The hero, Snake Wolfe, is a wolf shifter, and his mate, Melissa, had gotten drenched in a cold rain while they were travelling with her brother. Snake wrapped her up in blankets and curled up in wolf form next to her to keep her warm. Here is a sneak peek at their first love scene.


Mel woke hours later from a sound sleep to find a warm furry body pinning her under the blanket. Her heart leaped into her throat and pounded there for a minute before she realized it must be Snake. She lifted a bleary head to try to see him better. It was too dark to see anything but the unearthly shimmer of wolf eyes, but she knew it was Snake.

“Oh, Snake, you scared me for a minute.”

The wolf swiped a wet warm tongue over her cheek.

“Eeww,” she groaned, wiping the slobber away. But she laid her head down and went back to sleep, leaning into the comfortably warm bulk of a wolf.

She woke next when dawn was only a promise in the east, barely seen through the open barn door. Her mouth opened in a wide yawn as she pressed closer to the wolf’s warmth. The feel of smooth warm skin instead of rough fur against her cheek shot her eyes wide open.


“Mmm,” he hummed, burrowing his nose into her throat.

She wrestled a hand from under the blanket to touch his hair. His braids were thicker and longer than her stubby one. She ran her hand down the length of his braid until her fingers smoothed over his bare spine. “Are you wearing clothes?” she demanded with a gulp.

“Nuh-uh,” he murmured. “Just made the change a couple of minutes ago. Haven’t had time to dress yet.” His mouth touched her throat, glided up to the corner of her jaw, over her cheek to her lips, where he teased her with small, light kisses.

Mel froze, breath trapped in her throat for a long icy moment before she realized how nice it felt. His weight felt good too when he moved his body over hers. But she was horribly aware that she was naked under the blankets except for her panties, and she could feel his erection pressing against the top of her thigh. “We’re in the open,” she protested in a whisper. “Someone could see us.”

“Nobody can see us. Mike’s snoring by the barn door and Stone is running a perimeter patrol. It’s just us, Mel.”

“I don’t want to have sex here,” she hissed.

“We won’t.”

“But, you’re …I mean, you…” She trailed off, angry at herself for being so prudish. “You’re … uh… hard,” she finished.

“Yeah. Just ignore that. It happens when I’m this close to you, but we don’t have to do anything about it.”

They didn’t? “Won’t that hurt you?”

She felt his shrug. “I’ll survive. This isn’t the right time or place. We’re in the open, remember?”

His heat was irresistible. She wrapped her hands around his braids and tugged him down to her mouth. “Kiss me, Snake.”

His lips were amazingly soft for a moment, then hard and demanding on hers. She savored  the feel of his mouth before Snake buried his face against her neck. “Oh,” he groaned. “I’ve wanted to do that forever.”

“We haven’t known each other that long.”

“I wanted to do that before I ever saw you. And since I’ve met you I’ve wanted to do it twice as much.”

His chin had no stubble. She brushed exploring fingers over it. “Then keep doing it.”


Do you think having your cheek licked by a werewolf is sexy or disgusting? Leave a comment and let me know. On Sunday I will choose a commenter to receive a $15.00 gift card to Amazon. Have fun on the hop and good luck!

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