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Giving Away 5 Copies of Sherry’s Wolf!

The rough draft and first set of revisions of Sherry’s Wolf are done! I have sent the manuscript out to several beta readers and have already heard back from two of them. I have a few minor changes to make, but over all, They Liked It! To celebrate, I will be giving away 5 pdf ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). This contest will only be open to members of my newsletter. Sign up for the Newsletter is HERE. This weekend I will send out a newsletter with an entry form attached, so sign up quick for your chance to win. I will be drawing 5 names on Friday March 9, and will send the ARCs out that same night.


My goal is to have this story ready to go live on  Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc, the first week of April. It may take longer for it to show up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, since they load things up according to their own schedule, but it will get out eventually. Sherry’s Wolf will be a free read. It is just over 31,000 words long, so it qualifies as a novella. For comparison, Sleeping With the Wolf is 42,500 words long and Wolf Tracker is 73,000 words long. Although other characters from the books appear briefly, this is really about Stag and Sherry.


Poor Stag has waited so long for his mate to accept him that I’m afraid has lost his patience altogether.  And Sherry has been drawn to Stag from the beginning, but she has good reason to be reluctant to accept him. How do these two ever manage to come together? Win an ARC and find out!


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