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Grand Prize in the Eddie’s Prize Giveaway

It’s almost here! Eddie’s Prize, book 4 in the After the Crash series, releases on Monday March 18! I have one more prize to give out to celebrate the release of Eddie’s Prize and that’s the Grand Prize! Wouldn’t you like to snuggle under this bright and beautiful hand crocheted (by yours truly!) aghan? Wouldn’t you like to sip a warm beverage from this fun cup with all the After the Crash covers on it? Wouldn’t you like to take your cup and curl up on the couch under the afghan and read a good book? Maybe Eddie’s Prize?  It’s not too late to enter.  The contest closes on Saturday night at 7pm central time. Just join my newsletter and enter. I have it set up to send a copy of the entry form every six hours to newbies until 6pm.  Click Here to sign up for the newsletter.

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