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Masuku, aka Little Bit

Like a mother, a cat owner shouldn’t have a favorite, right? But Little Bit might be my favorite.  Like the other two she is a rescue cat. She was live trapped along with her
mother and siblings in a state park when she was about 12 weeks old. I already had two, but a friend who volunteered at a local rescue shelter asked if I could foster her for a few weeks. She was so extremely skittish that she wasn’t eating at the shelter. So I took her, and never gave her back. I named her Masuku, which is Japanese for “mask”, but she was so small at that time that I ended up calling her my Little Bit of Nothing.


She’s not a little bit anymore. At her last vet check up she weighs a very respectable 10 pounds. She is still very skittish. Some of my friends have never seen her. While I was away for the Annual Author & Reader Get Together, the friend who works at the shelter came over every day to play with the kitties and feed and water them, and she texted me asking if I was sure I had three cats. She only saw two.
Like most cats, Little Bit will sleep anywhere. But she is particularly fond of snoozing in places I’d rather she not, like the middle of the Christmas Village.  She is so adorable, though, that I can’t quite get angry at her.


I have decided that Rose Turner will have a cat. Some neighbor’s barn cat will have kittens and Rose will fall in love with the cute little runt of the litter. She’ll cajole Taye into letting her keep it. The adorable little kitten will grow into a huge cat who loves only her, and hates any man who comes too close to “his human.” He’ll especially detest Sky, who will be sporting angry scratches on his hands and face to mark his every attempt to seduce his mate. I imagine the other wolves will enjoy ragging on him about it.














4 Responses to Masuku, aka Little Bit

  • Love the coloring of your kitty! 🙂

  • Your kitty is so pretty…I lost my doggy last year and the house seems empty now.

  • I love your books, cannot wait for Eddie’s Prize!

    And your beautiful Masuku…My cat Smokey looks like that…the mother was a Snowshoe Siamese (the mask and white “boots” are a dead giveaway) the father unknown. When he was a kitten the white of the mask was over his eyes like a ski mask, then it moved down his face around his nose and mouth area as he matured.

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