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The Merry Miaow

It’s a sunny Sunday morning here in Fargo, ND. It’s been hot all week, and it will continue to be hot this week. I personally detest temps in the upper 80s and lower 90s (that would be 31-35 C) and that’s what we’re getting. The average high temperature for Fargo in July is about 83. Really don’t like it to be warmer than 70, myself.

My cat Merry, however, loves laying in the one patch of sunlight that sneaks through the blinds. She just plain loves warmth. Unnatural creature. When I take the laundry from the basket to put away, she dances with impatience for the moment she can jump in and curl up in the still-warm basket. She’d prefer to jump in while the clothes are still in the basket, but thank God I broke her of that habit. (at least, she doesn’t do it while I’m watching her. If I turned my back, I bet she’d be snuggled up with the sheets and towels quick as a wink)
She is also fascinated by boxes and bags. What is it with cats and empty recepticles? Seriously, in my place, any empty box will have at least one cat in it.




As you can see, she has lots of long, fluffy white fur, which is as soft as bunny fur. It sticks to everything. I take it with me, apparently, because my chair at work is liberally coated with white hairs about 2 inches long. I get so depressed when I’m sitting down in my chair after a couple hours of thorough cleaning and see white hair dancing in the beam of sunlight. That’s another reason I hate sunny days! Although she drives me slightly crazy, I love her. She is very sweet natured, doesn’t have any bad habits, and always uses the box. Really, what more can you ask from a cat?

Do you have a cat? What little quirks do they have?

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