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Ming the Merciless


Ming3On Thursday a friend of mine who volunteers at the local cat rescue and shelter emailed me to ask if I could foster a kitten. I’ve always said I would never have a kitten again. They’re so much work to take care of, and they make messes, and they climb things they shouldn’t, etc. But this little kitty was scheduled to be euthanized on Saturday if they couldn’t find someone to take him for a month. Of course I said yes.


I brought him home yesterday and he is scared spitless. My two older girl cats are scared even more spitless. Somehow this 1.75 pound kitten has managed to dominate the other two. I’ve named him Ming the Merciless. If you’re a Flash Gordon fan you’ll recognize the name.




It’s a male domestic shorthair with a cream colored belly, a gray and black tabby back, mittens on his front paws and boots on his hind paws. He’s probably about 12 weeks old and he was in the pound for a week, several days past the “Must Terminate” date.








Now that he’s getting a little more used to his new (TEMPORARY) home, he’s learning to play. He still won’t let me touch him, though. That might take time. Meanwhile, he has claimed the top of the armchair as his throne and likes to sneer at the world in general while looking around with a regal air.  Meanwhile, the other two cats cower in the bedroom and hurl outraged insults at him from under the bed.


I was told I would have him for about 3 to 4 weeks while he had his shots and worming, etc. Kittens usually get adopted pretty quickly. He’s fairly well behaved. He’s used his box (and kicked sand all over the bathroom!) Since kittens don’t come with an Off switch, I’m looking forward to passing him on to his furrever home.


I do think that with a little time and love he’ll make someone a wonderful feline friend.


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