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Tuesday Teaser 7/23/13-Wolf’s Oath

Here is a snip from Des and Connie’s story. Enjoy!


Connie drifted on the edge of waking, feeling utterly relaxed. Something poked at her mind, something that wanted to disturb her, but she was curled too comfortably on her side to want to let it in. For the first time in weeks she felt deliciously warm. She wanted to savor the feeling. When she tried to tug the edge of the blanket higher under her chin it snapped taut and didn’t move. She tugged harder with the same level of success. Frustrated, she rolled onto her back to free it and realized she wasn’t alone. She opened her eyes a slit and found herself nose-to-nose with Des.

That woke her up in a hurry, the feeling of warm relaxation fleeing. Des? What the hell was he doing in bed with her? He had the nerve to smile at her.

“Good morning,” he said, and his voice was rough with that sexy, just-woke-up gravel note in it that made her want to melt.

Connie refused to melt. Des was gorgeous, sexy, and smelled good enough to eat, but why was he in her bed?

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