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News, Updates, Contests!

Looking through my blog makes me realize about the only posts I make these days are my Tuesday Teasers. That’s kind of sad. I’ve had a few people email me or contact me on Facebook to ask when Olivia’s Mate is coming out. Clearly, I need to update my website! Here is a little bit of catch up.



wolfsprincess-200x300Sky from Wolf’s Princess has been nominated for Best Hero in the Love Romances Café Awards!

This is so exciting for me. Sky was a bit difficult for me to write. He started out so arrogant that I wondered why Rose was willing to give him a chance. But as the story went on he became more and more like the hero I wanted him to be. He’s up against some really fantastic heroes, so I don’t expect him to win, but it is a huge honor even to be nominated.





I am very close to being finished with the rough draft of Olivia’s Mate. My goal is to haveOlivia's Mate Fnl sm it release by April 29, 2016. It’s possible it will be out before that, but between the overtime and the pneumonia , writing time is in short supply. But today and tomorrow I have designated as Writing Days. I would love to get the last chapter written, and then I will have the rough draft done. Only THREE more scenes to write!


download (2)I will soon beginning work on Brave Hearts, part of Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. The hero is Dustin Jesse Wolfe, great uncle of Taye and the rest of the Wolf Clan. He’s an adrenalin junky who takes his job seriously but loves to party. The heroine is Ysabel Alicia Ybarra, an Iraq vet who lost her lower leg in the war. She’s a serious, hard working small business owner who thinks her prosthetic leg makes her unattractive to gorgeous men like Dusty. That one has to be completely ready to go by October 1 for an October 12 release.



I have decided to have monthly contests in my Newsletter.  The prizes will range from downloads of ebooks to paperbacks to gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, etc, to handmade jewelry. I have one running right now. If you’d like to be able to enter, there’s a sign up from on the right to my newsletter. I will send out another entry form on Sunday night. Contest closes on Monday night. (I was going to close it on Sunday night, but that’s the premiere of the Rick & Daryl show–I mean, The Walking Dead)


I hope everyone has lots of good books to read. I’m off now to get Olivia and Kit hitched. It’s going to be quite the event. I think Tracker might shed a tear. A very small and quiet tear. Imagine all the wolf dads at the ceremony looking at their own daughters and wondering how soon they’ll find a man of their own.




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