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Readers Anonymous

My name is Maddy and I’m a reader.

OK, that is supposed to be funny. I do not think reading is an addiction, at least not like alcohol, eating or gambling is. The huge majority of readers don’t go into debt to feed their habit, right? Okay, maybe I sometimes spend more than I actually budgeted for on books. And sometimes I read when I REALLY ought to be cleaning or sleeping, but I hardly ever call in sick to work because of it. Reading is actually beneficial for you.  This study shows that reading fiction is good for your brain.  So my brain must be very healthy! How about yours?

Here’s what I’ve been reading, with links to the books on Amazon so you can learn more about them:


8857324Valiant by Laurann Dohner-This was a re-read. In my opinion, the best of the series about human/animal hybrids and the women they love. Sometimes a re-read is like seeing an old friend. What books do you like to read over?




8857325Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
 This is the 2nd book in Bishop’s Others series. Unique world building, excellent characters. A thousand books are about vampires and werewolves, but none do it this way! Start with the first book, Written in Red. I love this author because her stories are unique.




8857326The Sylph Hunter by LJ McDonald
  I’ve been waiting for Ms. McDonald to continue her fantasy romance series and was thrilled to see this one had come out. If you haven’t read them, I suggest starting with the first book, The Battle Sylph




8857327Hunter’s Claim by SE Smith  
This is the first in Ms. Smith’s new series. If you enjoy sci fi romances where Earth women are claimed by handsome aliens who fall in love with their mates, I think you’ll enjoy this one.




8857328Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer
 Another brilliant fantasy novel. If you enjoy manga and anime you might like this one too. I have gobbled up everything thi author has written. Her Ukiah Oregon series is an absolute fave of mine, and I loved Tinker too. If you haven’t read Ms. Spencer before, Tinker is a great place for a romance lover to start. A brilliant tomboy catches the eye of a handsome elf lord.  This is a very simplistic description of this book. I loved it.



So what have you been reading?  Tell me about it. I’m always looking for something new and fun to read.

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