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Rough Draft of Eddie’s Prize is Done!

Yes, this evening at 8:25 I wrote two of my very favorite words: The End.

I have been working on Eddie’s Prize since last October. It is 104,058 words long right now. But starting sunday I’ll be doing massive revisions, so it will probably be somewhere around 80,000-90,000 words when I submit it. But I’m not even going to begin revisions until Sunday night. Tomorrow I’m going to clean. I have done nothing in the way of cleaning for over a week, and even before that I barely did more than the dishes. All my free time went to writing. My apartment is in a terrible state! So I need to clean the kitchen (excavate the kitchen, is more like it) and the living room at the least. The bathroom is on the list, too. My bedroom … Well, that’s just me, so it can wait. Because I don’t want to spend all my time cleaning, ya know. I also have The Hunger Games dvd to watch. I’m working on a Dr. Who scarf too, as well as Lisa’s After the Crash afghan. And I plan to put my newsletter together, now that I finally have something concrete to say about Eddie’s Prize.

So Congrats to me on typing The End! More updates are coming.

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