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Tuesday Truth: Eddie’s Prize Update

My goal was that I would finish the rough draft of Eddie’s Prize by bed time on Sunday, September 23. Well, I didn’t make it. But I came really, really close. I wrote almost 10,000 words from Friday through Sunday. Tonight I had supper with my mom, and then my Word Weavers Critique meeting (they really liked Chapter 1 of Wolf’s Prize!), so no writing today. I’m back on overtime at the day job (5 hours a week is mandatory, they’d like 10 hours. oy!)  However, tomorrow after I work my ten-hour day I’ll have two or three hours to write before bed. Wednesday I might squeeze one hour of writing between work, my SCA fighters practice and bed. Thursday I should have two hours after work, and on Friday I plan to finish it no matter what. So here’s hoping for a completed rough draft by Friday night.

Never surrender!

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