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Saturday Crafting

I finished knitting a hat this morning. It’s a cute cloche but it turned out too big. I tried to felt it down to a smaller size. I was semi-successful. At least my cheeks and the back of my neck should be protected from the cold wind when I walk to work, right?



I’ve also been knitting a lacy little shoulder shawl, possibly as a giveaway during the Naughty New Year’s blog hop coming up the last week in December. It would be pretty light, more decorative than warm. I call it chocolate cherry, because the colors are light brown, chocolate brown, cheery pink and soft pink.


This is what it looks like now.                         Here is another one I made from the same pattern.


Right now it looks like a snarled mess. But that’s okay. Lace usually looks like a snarled mess until it’s blocked. What do you think? Would people like to win a lacy little shawl? Or should I concentrate on giving books away?

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