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Sheep To Shawl Competition

Do you know what that is? That is when a group of fiber artists take nice fluffy wool that has been sheared from a sheep, and dye it, spin in into yarn, and then weave it into a shawl. Some teams are sponsored by local farms, or yarn shops, but the team that I am part of, Arachne’s Handmaidens,  is independent. This is the third year I have taken part in this fiber event, and the past two years my team has won. Sadly, we were disqualified because we did not finish our shawl within the alloted time. Still, it was a fun day and I had a blast with the other gals. I’m exhausted after spinning and plying for six hours, but it was so much fun. The shawl that did win was absolutely gorgeous. I still need to remove the waste and add the fringe so the shawl can go on display for the second day of the Fargo Fiber Fest.




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