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Tuesday Teaser: A Tidbit From Sky & Rose’s Story

Right now, this is in Eddie’s Prize, but my editor may have me delete it since it really isn’t about Lisa or Eddie. So I thought you might like to read it. This takes place during the first night that Rose spends at the den after Sky has rescued her from Two Bears.  I hope you enjoy it!


        Lisa slept quite well in one of the double beds in the room Carla had ordered cleared out for Rose to live in. She was disoriented when she woken by soft sobs from the other bed. She lay in the dark, comfortably warm under the stack of quilts and blankets that Carla had heaped on the beds for she and Rose, debating whether Rose would welcome comfort or be embarrassed by it. The choice was taken out of her hands when the door opened quietly and someone came in on silent feet. Lisa strained to see who it was, wondering if whichever of the men who’d had this room before had forgotten something when he’d moved out. It was too dark to see, but a rustle came from Rose’s bed.
        “Rose,” whispered Sky. “Are you alright? Don’t cry, please.”
        Lisa froze, wondering if she should say something or pretend to be a sleep.
        “Sky, you’re not supposed to be in here,” came Rose’s hiss.
        “I heard you crying.”
        “How could you hear me crying? I’m not being that loud!”
        “Sh, Rose, don’t wake anybody up. I just wanted to be sure you were alright.”
        Lisa quickly closed her eyes and tried to breathe slowly as if she were still asleep.
        “I’m fine.”
        That disagreeable tone didn’t put Sky off. “Could I hold you for a little while?” he pleaded. “Just two minutes and I’ll leave you alone, I promise.”
        Rose muttered something that Lisa couldn’t catch, but she didn’t hear Sky leave.  There was a faint creak from the bed and then silence. Lisa knew she shouldn’t be eavesdropping, but what else could she do? Of course, she probably didn’t need to strain so hard to try to hear what might be going on.
        “I think it’s been more than two minutes,” Rose hissed.
        “Okay.” There was soft sound of a kiss, and the meaty thud of a fist punching skin and muscle. “Ow, you didn’t need to do that.”
        “Get out, Sky!”
        A moment later Lisa heard the door open and close. Out of the dark, Rose’s voice was a hissed whisper. “Ms. Anton, are you awake?”
        Lisa sighed and shifted on the feather mattress. “Mrs. Madison,” she corrected. “Oh, just call me Lisa. And yes, I did hear. Sorry for listening in.”
        “That’s okay.” Humor touched the teenager’s voice. “I don’t think you had much choice. You don’t need to mention this to Mrs. Wolfe, do you? Sky did save me this morning. I don‘t want to get him in trouble.”
        “I won’t say a word,” Lisa promised.
        As she settled herself back down to sleep, she wondered what would come of Sky and Rose.

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  • Thankyou for sharing this excerpt, I enjoy your characters and their stories, I look foward to this journey as well! 🙂

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