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Something About Maddy Saturday

Did you know I’m scared of flying? I didn’t know I was. Twenty years ago when I was in the military I flew from time to time. I don’t remember being scared of it then.

But three years ago I went to Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together for the first time, and since I live in North Dakota and the event was in Ohio, I decided to fly. I boarded the plane in a rain storm. We were grounded for a half hour past the original time of departure because of lightning. Once we were in the air it was like being on a rollercoaster. (I hate rollercoasters) Up and down. I felt like I was on skis, running a crazy mogul course, with no control. By the time the plane landed in Minneapolis where I was supposed to transfer to another plane I really, REALLY didn’t want to get on the next plane. My brother lives in Minneapolis. Maybe he could leave work, come and get me, and put me on a bus back home.  I would lose my money for the ticket, but who cared? Al I could think about was the fact that in my books, a plane leaves Minneapolis and crashes.

Well, I did make my connection, and I survived the plane ride to Ohio. I managed to get back on the plane to go home too. I haven’t flown since. A good friend now comes with me to the RAGT, and we drive. I would really like to attend other conferences, but…  I’ve never yet been lucky enough to get into Authors After Dark, and I’m disappointed about that, but maybe a teeny bit relieved too. I would rather not have to fly!

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