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Tuesday Teaser 11/26/13: Wolf’s Vengeance

So here is a little snip from Mel and Snake’s story. Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States. I don’t know if this little snip is worth giving thanks for, but I hope you enjoy!


“I’ve waited all my life to have a mate of my own.” Snake’s voice was low. “Between the ages of ten and twenty I barely ever saw a woman up close, but I always wondered what it would be like to have a mate. Someone who was mine to take care of and love. I dreamed of it. In my dreams my mate loved me and I would do anything for her.” His dark eyes looked directly at her. “I would never do anything to hurt you, Melissa.”

She hated being called her full name. “I believe you,” she told the bedpost.

“No.” His hand lifted and swayed from side to side as if to disperse her words like campfire smoke drifting in his face. “You’re afraid of me. I smell it on you from time to time.”

Mel resisted the urge to hunch her shoulders. She also forced her instant denial back. “Maybe I am. But I know I don’t need to be. You’ve been really decent to me. All your friends have been nice too.”

“Then why? Is it my wolf?”

Her shabby bedroom faded to be replaced by a nearly bare hotel room. She felt Randy Fosse’s hard hands digging cruelly into her shoulders to hold her down on the bed while Jim yanked on her shirt. The bruising pressure on her shoulders suddenly lifted, and a huge gray wolf tore into Jim Fosse, slinging saliva and blood over her…

“Yeah,” Snake said in a near whisper. “There’s that scent. It is my wolf, isn’t it?”

3 Responses to Tuesday Teaser 11/26/13: Wolf’s Vengeance

  • Love it so far. A strong yet gentle wolf and a distrustful damsal who needs extra love.

    • Mel is a bit prickly on the outside, but Snake is patient enough to wait for her. They are going to be a great couple.

  • Oh Snake. . It’s breaking to see that even though others like Taye, Tracker and Eddie have gotten their mates, such a wonderful guy is still waiting for his chance.

    I’ve eagerly read each installment of the series and I honestly can’t wait for Snake and Sky’s stories next!

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