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Tales of the Wolf Clan Paperback


Tales-front-cover (1)I have two of my books (Sleeping With the Wolf and Wolf’s Glory) out in paperback and I am attempting to put the rest out too. In fact, Tales of the Wolf Clan is available now from Create Space, and it should be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in a week or so.  This is Wolf’s Oath and Sherry’s Wolf together in one volume. Interior layout and formatting was done by Nadia Lee in exchange for a beta read of Forever in Love. (I loved that book. Had to go get the rest. If you enjoy contemporary romance in the world of the rich and the famous you might want to try Vengeful in Love, the first book in the series. It’s free on Amazon!)

I did the cover art for this one myself, using images purchased from Fotolia for the background, and the CreateSpace template for the title/spine and back matter. It’s not perfect,  but considering how badly I suck at figuring out graphic art programs, I’m pretty darned proud of it.

Tales of the Wolf Clan Create Space Wrap


Tales of the Wolf Clan, available now at Create Space

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