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The Jingle Bell Hop!

Welcome to Maddy Barone’s stop on the Jingle Bell Hop! If you’ve lost your place and want to hop back on the sleigh,Click Here!

I wasn’t sure what to do for my post. I’ve been really busy getting Wolf Tracker ready for publication, plus working on a free read that I want to put out in February,  so my time has been really limited. So I decided that a romance author can’t go wrong by having a big bowl of eye candy sitting out for visitors to sample. Enjoy a few sweets while you’re here! Which of the hotties below makes you lick your lips to catch every drop of sweetness? Leave a comment for a chance to win a paperback copy of my first book.


Look at the eyes on this guy! If his hair was curlier he would be Quill, hero of Wolf’s Prize.

This one is how I see Eddie, hero of my current work, Eddie’s Prize. He’s a pretty boy. Everyone calls him a “golden god” and isn’t he?

This is my take of Taye, hero of Sleeping With the Wolf.

If this guy had really long hair he would be Wolf’s Shadow, hero of Wolf’s Glory.



And this is Sky, hero of Wolf’s Princess. As a teenaged secondary character in Sleeping With the Wolf and Wolf’s Glory his hair is waist length. After he leaves the Wolf Clan to go live in the big city he might cut his hair. I haven’t decided. What do you think? Leave a comment letting me know your preference for Sky’s hair, or just on any of the eye candy I’ve posted and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a paperback copy of  Sleeping With the Wolf.  I will post the winner (and contact them by email) sunday night before 9pm central time.


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