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Thursday 13 6/30/11

Here are thirteen things found in my living room (which is also my writing room):

1. A tower fan. It’s kinda hot these days. Today will get into the mid 90s. I might turn the air on and leave it on all day.

2. My steampunk skirt. I have to move the waistband hooks before the steampunk dinner with friends at a local pub tonight.

3. The cat bed made of fake sheepskin. The inside is liberally festooned with shed cat hair which the fan picks up and blows everywhere.

4. A variety of knitting projects in a wide range of states of completion.

5. My Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel I named Zoya.

6. A beautifully hand painted wood triptych which is my court barony scroll.

7. Five bookcases bulging with non-fiction books. The mysteries, fantasy and romances are in the sewing room and my bedroom.

8. A kitty condo/cat tree which the cats usually ignore.

9. My nook, on which I am trying to read several books.

10. My dumbek, a middle eastern drum

11. A pair of 5 pound hand weights. The dust on them is a sad indication of my infrequent use of them.

12. A tub of Aussie-style black licorice. I adore black liquorice. I just keep forgetting that it makes me sick if I eat too much.

13. My grandmother’s black velvet hat from the 1940s. I was using it for inspiration for my own hat making attempts.

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