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Updates – Sherry’s Wolf & Maddy’s Baronesses


Lookie! I made my own cover art! And boy, can I tell that I won’t be doing this much! Oy! Those cover artists must have very thin hair from pulling it out. This will be the cover for a free read I will be posting sometime around Valentine’s Day. This is Stag and Sherry’s story. Why aren’t I posting it right now? Well, there’s still a few things that readers have to learn before they can can get to read about Sherry finally coming to accept and love Stag. Poor Stag. I just wrote a scene where Sherry refused to let him hug her. In Tracking Tami you find out why she has resisted him. It’s been tough on Stag to see his cousins and their mates find happiness while his mate turns away from him. But in Tracking Tami she has shown some signs of thawing. He did something nice for her and she got teary-eyed about how sweet he can be. So he will get his happily-ever-after eventually.

I am hoping to finish writing Tracking Tami this week (if only I hadn’t spent all evening wrestling with graphic art!!) and then set it aside for a week or so before starting the self-editing and then sending it out to a couple beta readers. My goal is to have it submitted to the publisher by August 14. But that depends on how the  revisions go.


I also wanted to invite any readers who would be interested to join my “Street Team”. I’m calling them my Baronesses. What would that involve? Four or five times a year I will email my street team exclusive excerpts of the books I am working on. I will email any free reads to them a few days before they are available to the public. They will be eligible for private contests before each of my books come out to win a free readers copy. Two or three times I year I will send my Baronesses a package of freebies like Romance Trading Cards, posters of cover art, maybe some jewelry, and other promotional items that I think are fun but too expensive to buy 300 of to hand out at conferences.

Well, you say, that sounds great, Maddy, but how much does it cost to join your Street Team?

Nothing. All I ask is that you promote me and my books where you can. You could Tweet about me and my books, or post on Facebook or Tumblr or Good Reads, or Amazon, talk about my books to your friends…. If you would like to be on my team, please email me at maddybarone@gmail.com.


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