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Thursday 13 – SCA Music

One of the things I love about the SCA (the medieval historical re-creation group I’m in) is the music. Some songs are beautiful ballads, lyrical, with breathtaking melodies. Others are filks, which are songs sung to a familiar tune but with very different–sometimes mocking–lyrics. Many songs are sung a capella, others are accompanied by drums, harps or flutes. Here are 13 SCA songs sung by SCA folk, some of whom I know and see often. I am not musically talented, but I sure make a good audience. 🙂


Born On the Listfield – a female fighter is made a knight

Pennsic Drum Song – funny! At Pennsic, which is the largest SCA event where 15,000 people all camp, fight, take classes and dance, the middle eastern drums pound ceaselessly into the night.

Master Daveed drumming – Master Daveed is a middle eastern drummer par excellence, and here he and Carmine are showing off their best riffs, trying to outdo each other.

My Mother’s Savage Daughter – the iconic song of my kingdom

Sons of the Dragon – One of those ballads with a great melody and lyrics

Haul On the Oars, Ladies – Viking women get bored and go shopping (aka pillaging)

Strike the Drum – A battlefield song

Beware of the Vampire Penguin – Hm. Can you say silly but fun?

Regin smidur – An actual Faroese song sung in Faroese. Great.

Mongol Doodle Dandy – Remember I mentioned filks?

Shoulder To Shoulder – Another rousing battlefield song

The Muster – Love it! What a voice!

If I Were A Young Man – Great ballad









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