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The Starlander Frontier by Melisse Aires

The Starlander Frontier: Starlander’s Myth by Melisse Aires

My mixed genre steampunk spacewestern novella The Starlander Frontier: Starlander’s Myth releases today from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Being a gryphon shifter has put widow Mrs Sophie Farrel and her small daughter Flora in jeopardy. A corrupt mining officials knows she can detect valuable cryst and plans to sell her to the highest bidder.

Starlander’s Myth is the first in a trilogy set in the Starlander Frontier universe, a world that is reminiscent of the Old West. It is a mixed genre novella, with elements of the paranormal, and is most definitely a romance between Jack Starlander, asteroid miner, and Mrs. Sophie Farrel, a widow with a small daughter. The Farrels also happen to be gryphon shifters.
Heat level: Sensual Romance

You can read an excerpt *here*.

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