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Tuesday Teaser 10/21/14: Wolf’s Princess

I have to confess my writing has slowed down lately. My day job has a telecommuting program and I applied for it and was accepted. I don’t like to think of myself as a hoarder, but the last few weeks I’ve been cleaning, organizing, throwing stuff away, and yesterday I invited friends over to take whatever they could use. As a result, I’ve done very little writing for the past 4 or 5 weeks.  But starting tomorrow, I begin to work the day job from home. I still need to make some trips to goodwill to donate left overs, and I need to do some cleaning, but hopefully by Thursday I will be able to devote a solid chunk of time to Sky and Rose.


I already posted this one about a year ago, but it’s good so I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing it again. 🙂


At the sound of the door opening, Rose snatched her discarded blouse off the bed and held it protectively over her chest. “Sky! What are you doing here? I thought the mayor’s card party was supposed to go on until after midnight.”

He stood in the door, crisp white shirt unbuttoned to hang open, suit coat slung carelessly over his shoulder, the glare of electric light gleaming on the hard ripple of his abs. His stare was almost tangible. Rose shivered under the weight of it. “I’m back,” he said. “I couldn’t concentrate on my cards because all I could think about was that kiss this afternoon.”

A flush of pleasure warmed her. Not sexual pleasure –well, maybe a little of it was sexual—but happiness that the kiss had affected him as much as it had her. “Well, step out for a minute so I can put on my nightgown and robe.”

The door closed with a quiet snick. “You won’t need them tonight.” Sky moved to her with the easy saunter of a predator who’d found his prey, the same glide she’d seen so often in his cousins, and then his hands fisted in her hair and his mouth fastened over hers with hot greed.

With her hands exploring the feel of his arms and shoulders, only the press of his chest against hers kept her blouse from falling and leaving her exposed.  He was hard muscle covered by smooth satiny skin under the cotton of his shirt, and his mouth pushed all other thoughts out of her head. His hand, large and warm, smoothed down her bare back, and then slid up between their bodies to stroke her breast.

Her bare breast.

She managed to force an inch of space between them, panting. “Wait! What are you doing?”

“Princess, if you have to ask that, I must be doing something wrong.”

He clamped his hands over her rear end and hauled her so close to him she could feel the ridge his arousal dig into her belly. She couldn’t stop herself from rubbing her core against him, needing to ease the hot ache in her body. She was a virgin, but she knew what her body wanted. She just wasn’t sure she was ready for it.

“Tonight,” he said in a harsh whisper into her neck. “I’ve waited a long time for you, Rose. Tonight, in the bed right behind you, you’re going to accept my mate claim.”

“I am?” Her voice lifted in a cracked squeak that turned to a breathy moan when his mouth closed over her breast. She had never felt anything like it. All her curiosity about sex, her private carnal longings, rushed to the place between her thighs.  “Oh, God, Sky, maybe I am.”





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