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Come To My Party!


Did you know that Wednesday, October 29, 2014 is the day the plane left Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and crashed a few hours (and fifty years) later in rural Nebraska USA? What plane, you ask? The plane in my make believe world of the After the Crash series. You know, time traveling women courted, wooed, claimed, and mated by hunky wolf shifters who worship them?

*Happy Sigh*


When I wrote the first story I didn’t know it would become a multi-volume set of stories, and I didn’t know I would still be writing them when  the day actually rolled around. Back in 2010 I figured I’d be long done with this series, if it even sold at all. But here I am, hard at work on Wolf’s Princess, the last story in this story ARC, and October 29 is only a few days away. People like to read my stories. I thought that called for a party!


So, I’ll be hosting a Facebook Party on Wednesday.  I would love if readers would ask me questions about the series. Is there anything you’ve wondered about characters? I may write one more short story after Wolf’s Princess. Who would you like it to be about? You can ask anything and I’ll do my best to answer.


I’m also going to be giving away a few prizes. My current heroine, Rose Turner, is a spinner and knitter, and in Wolf’s Princess she has a scarf/wrap that she spun and knit. I’ll be giving that away, along with an amethyst bracelet Sky sent her years ago for her birthday. Also, the earrings Connie’s fiancé gave her and which she wears to her wedding (and wedding night!) with Des. I have two sets of the paperbacks to give away. And lots and lots of downloads, and coupons for audio books. The Grand Prize will be two ARCs of Wolf’s Princess.*  I will set up individual threads for each prize and I’ll draw a winner from the comments in that thread. Since not everybody is in my Time Zone, comments will remain open until Thursday evening at 6:00 pm Central Tine (that is the time of Mexico City, Chicago, Minneapolis) So if you’re in Sydney AU the party begins at 9:00am Thursday October 30 and comments close at 10:00am Friday October 31.  You can check out the time differences HERE.


*I have to admit the manuscript isn’t done. I had thought the rough draft would be completed by now, but it’s isn’t. The winners will receive the rough first draft as soon as I’ve finished. My target goal is December 1. They will also receive the finished product when it is published in the format of their choice.


The first 4 books and 2 novellas in the series

Connie's Earrings

Connie’s Earrings


Rose’s handspun handknit wool scarf

Click HERE to go to the Facebook Page!

I hope to see you there!

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