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Tuesday Teaser 10/29/13-Wolf’s Vengeance

I’m writing Wolf’s Vengeance and thought you’d like a quick snip from that story. This takes place at supper the night after Mel and Snake were married.

Her brother Mord’s face creased with sly humor that Mel immediately recognized, though he tried to disguise it by setting his mouth into an earnest line. He leaned over the supper table, gazing at Snake with faked concern. Snake sat so close beside her on the wooden bench she could smell his subtle scent and feel his thigh pressed to hers.

“Are you sure you want to be my sister’s husband?”

Snake’s profile was calm as he swallowed the last bite of his blueberry pie. One thick brow arched and he cocked his head. “Yeah.”

Mike joined in the sly teasing with a tsking sound. “You positive? You know what her track record with husbands is?”

Mel slammed her fork onto the table. “Cut it out, Mikey.”

Her new husband put a hand on her knee beneath the table and gave her a gentle squeeze. “I don’t know what a track record is.”

It cheered her to see her brothers shut up, but it was only a momentary reprieve. “You know what happened to Rob Fosse?”

Snake cut Mord off. “Sure. He got what he deserved.”

“Melissa Ann is quick to shoot,” Mikey said with a sad shake of his head. “Mind your toes, and other parts.”

Mel gave him a furious snort.

Mord smirked. “And then there was Danny Bell.”

Mel’s hand went weak. Oh, God. Danny. The name cut a burning gash over her heart. She leaped to her feet and grabbed her plate. “Sara, wanna give me a hand with these dishes?”

Snake waved the girl back. “I’ll help with dishes.”

He sent a cold glare at the twins, and maybe he would have said something to them if Marc hadn’t intervened.

“You boys have time to flap your mouths,  you have time to clean the outhouse,” he said evenly.

Amid protests at the late hour and other complaints, Mel made her escape to the kitchen. Snake followed her, a muscular wall of silence as he set the kettle to heat for dishwater. When it was done he took her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Who is Danny Bell?” he asked.

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