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Tuesday Teaser 11/5/13 Wolf’s Princess

I’m TRYING to focus on Snake and Mel, but Rose and Sky keep blocking me! So I wrote this little scene to try to pacify them enough for me to get back to Wolf’s Vengeance.  Let me set the scene. Rose has been in Omaha now for about 10 days, and it’s been three days since Sky moved her into his room. That afternoon they kissed–REALLY kissed– for the first time. All day Rose had thought about that kiss, wondering what it would be like to make love with Sky.  This is the night he usually joins the mayor of Omaha and his cronies for their weekly poker game. This usually involves lots of liquor and women. Rose is just getting ready for bed when this scene opens.   What do you think?


At the sound of the door opening, Rose snatched her discarded blouse off the bed and held it protectively over her chest. “Sky! What are you doing here? I thought you were going to be out late.”

He stood in the door, crisp white shirt unbuttoned to hang open, suit coat slung carelessly over his shoulder, the glare of electric light gleaming on the hard ripple of his abs. His stare was almost tangible. Rose shivered under the weight of it. “I’m back,” he said. “I couldn’t concentrate on my cards because all I could think about was the kiss we shared this afternoon.”

A flush of pleasure warmed her. Not sexual pleasure –well, maybe a little of it was sexual—but happiness that the kiss had affected him as much as it had her. “Well, step out for a minute so I can put on my nightgown and robe.”

The door closed with a quiet snick. “You won’t need them tonight.” Sky moved to her with the easy saunter of a predator who’d found his prey, the same glide she’d seen so often in his cousins, and then his hands fisted in her hair and his mouth fastened over hers with hot greed.

With her hands exploring the feel of his arms and shoulders, only the press of his chest against hers kept her blouse from falling and leaving her exposed.  He was hard muscle covered by smooth satiny skin under the cotton of his shirt, and his mouth pushed all other thoughts out of her head. His hand, large and warm, smoothed down her bare back, and then up to cup her breast.

Her bare breast.

She managed to force an inch of space between them, panting. “Wait! What are you doing?”

“Princess, if you have to ask that, I must be doing something wrong.”

He clamped his hands over her rear end and hauled her so close to him she could feel the ridge his arousal dig into her belly. She couldn’t stop herself from rubbing her core against him, needing to ease the hot ache in her body. She was a virgin, but she knew what her body wanted. She just wasn’t sure she was ready for it.

“Tonight,” he said in a harsh whisper into her neck. “I’ve waited a long time for you, Rose. Tonight, in the bed right behind you, you’re going to accept my mate claim.”

“I am?” Her voice lifted in a cracked squeak that turned to a breathy moan when his mouth closed over her breast. She had never felt anything like it. All her curiosity about sex, her private carnal longings, rushed to the place between her thighs.  “Oh, God, Sky, I am.”



28 Responses to Tuesday Teaser 11/5/13 Wolf’s Princess

  • Oh, I can hardly wait for this book to come out…..

  • Wow. Must have soon.

  • Very hot. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  • WAIT! Wait! Noooh.!!! She did it. Left us hanging just when we were getting to the good parts. Damn, when is it coming out again? Grumble , grumble, probably going to feel like an eternity. Darn it. Going to have to go back and re-read some of the others. Now where to start.

    • Imagine how Sky feels! He’s going to be sitting there, stuck in place until I can either finish Wolf’s Vengeance or he screams loudly enough to make me write some more for him. 🙂

      • Hope he gets really impatient really soon, but leaves you enough time to finish wolf’s vengeance, not that I’m greedy or anything.
        Your books are the only books I’ve kept up with in reading, the rest of the time I’m trying to knit. Lace table cloth, a hat for a friends mom who’s going through chemo, some baby booties and a frilly, ruffly scarf with some sparkle. All projects in the works. But I’ll put all of those on hold to read one of your teasers or books whichever comes first 🙂

        • Thank you so much, Gabriele! I’m finally making some headway on Wolf’s Vengeance. And I just finished knitting a pair of socks. A good friend bought the yarn for me for my birthday two years ago. That’s how long it took me to finish them! Sounds like you have plenty of WiP too!

  • Good gravy…now what am I suppose to do after this teaser!? Maddy you are a very talented but evil woman sometimes! LOL 😀

  • I have been waiting for Sky’s story since I read Taye’s story… basically, from the beginning! OMG I can’t wait!

    • It will happen, eventually. Wolf’s Princess is turning out to be a a bit more layered than some of the other books. We’ll have a couple subplots going on. There’s a woman named Kaitlyn who is going to be Paint’s wife, plus Sand finds his mate working in Sky’s House (yes, the oldest profession. Poor Sand!) and of course, Stone and Sara’s story is running through it.

      • Oh Maddy!!! I absolutely can’t wait to read Sand’s (and everyone else’s) story! 😉 I got my mom hooked on the series now too!! She jokingly said you had to stop writing because she was up til 1 this morning reading Wolf’s Glory… She had to be up at 5! Thank you for doing what you do!!

  • Me neither, Janet!

  • Maddy don’t do that….You was just getting to the good part. I waited for Sky and Rose from the beginning. You left me hanging. I can’t wait for their story.

  • I can’t wait for this story. I have loved each one so far. Thanks for writing this series.

    • You’re welcome. I’m just glad to know people like my made up people. I can’t wait to get to really dig into this story. Sky and Rose and all the scondary characters are going ot be so much fun to write!

  • I agree this is one of the best series I have read and re-read several times already and waiting for the next book to come out in this series.

    • Thanks, Denise. I’m so glad you enjoy the series. I’ll be spending several hours on Wolf’s Vengeance today. I’ll be sending out the first two chapters in my newsletter in during the American Thanksgiving weekend.

  • I hate to sound narky but I hope Sky has also kept himself a virgin all these years waiting for Sky too even though he runs the place he does and the mayors card game. Rose deserves that at least, most men once they meet their mates do don’t they??. Please don’t mess with my thoughts on this one?? Lol

    • To be frank, Sky was so angry at Rose when he first got to Omaha that he wanted to… er. However, his wolf wouldn’t let him. And after a few month he was glad he hadn’t. 🙂

  • Good that sets my mind at ease 🙂 they deserve to be happy together and it looks like he’ll make sure she screams the place down 😉 xx

  • Oh, umm, can’t wait…

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