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Tuesday Teaser 12/16/14: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

12892774 Oh, dear. Today’s teaser is very short. Sorry! Does it help if I tell you I’m writing the first love scene between Sky and Rose? Well, it’s not a full love scene. I have to ease them into this. After all, they’re both virgins. Rose is giving off confusing signals and Sky is reluctant to push her for fear of frightening her. But they’ve just woken up in the same bed, and they must have drawn close together in sleep, because when Sky wakes up Rose had her face pressed into his chest and they have their arms around each other. Sky wakes first and just lays there with a huge smile on his face, because his mate is sleeping so trustingly in his arms. Then Rose rolls away from him onto her back and his hand ends up in an interesting place. They both freeze, shocked yet delighted. I wonder how far I should have them go before Sky forces himself to stop and let Rose flee to the shower, leaving him alone in his pristine white sheets?


Well, here is the teaser from Olivia and Kit’s story:


He hauled her up into his arms and began running. She had never travelled so fast. How could he run so fast? He was running uphill, carrying her in his arms like a baby. Even her wolf-born brothers and cousins couldn’t run like this. Over his shoulder she could see Devlin shaking his head, getting smaller and smaller.

“I told you not to challenge him,” he yelled, but Kit had carried her so far so fast that the words were very faint.

He was moving too fast for her to try to throw herself out of his arms. A spill on the steep mountainside could be fatal. Kit would get tired soon; he had to. Maybe then she could get away from him. His heart pounded calmly and steadily against her cheek, not seeming to labor at all. The wind created by his speed forced tears from her eyes. Yeah, it was the wind that made her cry. Olivia blinked the hot tears away, determined to fix landmarks in her memory to follow back home when she’d gotten away from him.

And she would get away. She might have been willing to allow him to court her, but the way he’d treated her showed her he’d be a terrible mate. Escape might be difficult, but she was her mother and father’s daughter. She could track and survive in the mountains as well as either of her brothers. Even if she wasn’t able to get away on her own, her father and brothers would come for her very soon. Grimly she settled into the steely arms that held her against a warm chest, waiting for her opportunity to escape.

See? I said it was short. Sorry! More next week!


4 Responses to Tuesday Teaser 12/16/14: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

  • Grrrr…double teasers! I’m ready for both of these books now.

  • I’m really looking forward to more about these cat shifters, where they came from, why they are in the area of Tracker and Tami’s ranch, etc.

  • Oh very nice, and scarey. Olivia sounds like she is in a rude awakening. Nothing like being abducted by a shifter. Good luck in getting away. 🙂

    • Well, I wouldn’t call Kit a psycho, just young an inexperienced with life outside his little Pride world. He’s never actually spoken with a regular human before. And speaking of rude awakenings, wait til you see what Olivia does to protect herself …

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