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Tuesday Teaser 12/9/14 Daughter of the Wolf Clan

In spite of my evil computer chewing up nearly all of chapter 14 in Wolf’s Princess, I’m making good progress. I’m shooting for the rough draft to be done by December 31. With all the holiday get togethers I might not make it, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Rose is easing away from her sarcasm and Sky is beginning to open up to her. At this very moment, Rose is just waking up from a nightmare and Sky is about to comfort her. Please excuse me so Sky can get on with the comforting…  meanwhile, enjoy this next tidbit from Olivia’s story.  😉


Yermade roared and fastened a hand around her throat, and by either luck or care on his part, his claws didn’t touch her skin. “No dokdim! You mine! Mah madte.”

“Okay.” Olivia hated the tremble in her voice. “Just don’t hurt me. Okay? Don’t hurt me.”

The hand on her throat became caressing and he made that purring noise again. “Naherchu, Yermadte naherchu.”

Your mate not hurt you. Yermade wasn’t his name. Olivia forced herself to look into his eyes. “What’s your name?”

“Kih.” It seemed he struggled to make the right sound. “Kihdt.”

“Kit?” she guessed. Wasn’t that what the other man had called him? Those monstrous fangs must make it hard for him to pronounce Ts. “Kit, my family will be looking for me. I need to go home.”

The lion man roared and this time his claws pricked her neck when his hand tightened. The other man spoke soothingly, and Olivia was able to follow most of what he said.

“Kit, you’re scaring her. You don’t want to hurt your mate. Let me talk to her so she’ll understand. I won’t try to take her away from you. Kit, I smell blood. You’re hurting her.”

Kit growled something completed unintelligible to Olivia but the other man seemed to get it right away. Kit was tense as he moved a few inches, enough for her to see the other man, but although he retracted his claws, his hand remained circling her throat. “Dok nahluk,” he growled.

“Lady, we can talk, but don’t look at me,” the other man said quietly, in perfectly enunciated English, his eyes cast to a point past her left shoulder. “And don’t stare at him either. Don’t do anything to make him think you’re challenging him. He’s pretty emotional now. He doesn’t mean to hurt you, but he doesn’t have good control right now.”

Kit turned to cover her with his body. He pressed closer to her and Olivia found her nose buried against his chest. He had an earthy scent, but not unpleasant, and she could feel the vibrations of his quiet snarls against her cheek.

“His name is Kit?”

“Yeah, Christopher. I’m Devlin.”

“What is he?”

Kit’s growls rose in volume and his hand tightened.

“Sorry,” she whispered hastily. “I’ve just never seen anyone like you.”

Devlin’s voice was cold. “He’s a person, same as you are, and he can hear and understand everything you say. After he calms down he’ll go back to his human form.”

Olivia wondered what he looked like in his human form. “Sorry,” she said again.

“Kit’s chosen you to be his mate. It might be a little rough at first, but you’ll adjust.”

Were Devlin and Kit lions like her brothers and cousins were wolves? Those men in the Wolf Clan who had wolves didn’t marry. They waited for the wolves within them to choose a mate for them. If that was how Kit’s lion worked, then he should be courting her in an effort to get her to accept their mating. If this was courting she’d hate to see how he treated someone he didn’t like. Her back ached and her throat hurt from being crushed and the multiple small claw marks. Those injuries, plus his feral roaring and snarling, didn’t make her see him in a lover-like light. But if his lion had chosen her for a mate, she should be polite. She had seen her cousins’ pain when their mates rejected them. Olivia aimed a smile up at Kit’s lion face.

“If Kit and I are mates, then Kit needs to come and meet my parents,” she said brightly. Once home her father and brothers would protect her while Kit courted her. They could also teach him the correct way to court a prospective mate.

Kit roared.

“Stop that,” she told him, annoyed. On the other hand, the roars were loud enough that if her brothers were anywhere near they’d hear them and come investigate. “It’s only polite for you to meet my family. If I accept you, they’ll be your family, too.”

“You come wih me,” Kit returned, speaking very carefully, with more than a hint of a growl.

“I can’t. My brothers would worry and if I’m not home soon they and my dad’ll start looking for me.”

“Nah find you.”

“Yes they will! My father’s the greatest tracker alive. And if he doesn’t find me, he’ll send for the Clan to come help. That would be three hundred men! You can’t hide me from that many people who love me.”

His shrill scream sent shudders down her spine. “Kit –“

“Quieh!” he snarled, squeezing her throat so tightly she choked. “You come me now.”

He hauled her up into his arms and began running.

7 Responses to Tuesday Teaser 12/9/14 Daughter of the Wolf Clan

  • Holy moly!!!! Wow!!!! Kit is pretty aggressive talk about insecurities. lol I think I would pass out right then and there, thank goodness Olivia has family that are wolves and can learn to communicate with him so hopefully he will understand that ain’t no way to treat your mate. Good thus far Maddy… Can’t wait for more to come. 😉

  • Oh, boy….. can’t wait for the next part!!

    • I know I’m doling this out in pretty small slices, but I have to make what I have already written stretch until I’ve finished the rough draft of Wolf’s Princess!

  • I love where you are going with this but I have no idea what Oliva looks like. Did you describe her? Or will in the future. Does Kit live in a cave in the mountains? I can’t wait to see what you write next.

    • Hmmm… You know, I don’t think I describe her until Kit gets her safely back to his lair and watches her sleep. It’s about 3 more pages until then.

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