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Tuesday Teaser 12/17/13-Sand and Amanda Continued

I thought I would continue to tell Sand and Miss Amanda’s story. I had planned for them to be a secondary story in Wolf’s Princess, but now I’m not sure they will be. But I want to tell their story, so maybe I’ll just tell it in bits and pieces here in the Tuesday Teasers. I’m beginning half-way through last week’s post. Enjoy!

The door at the far end of the hall opened and Sand sat up straight as a scent came to him. There were a multitude of sickeningly sweet scents crowding his nose, but this one was clean and light. Deep inside, his wolf gave a mighty howl, pushing him to his feet. Sand was so shocked by his wolf that he almost didn’t notice the woman stepping  out of the door. She had walked right up to him before he wrestled his wolf into a semblance of obedience.

‘Well, hello,” she said in a throaty purr, looking him up and down with obvious approval. “You’re the hall monitor for tonight?”

He nodded dumbly, taking in her luscious curves with awed eyes.

“You must be one of Sky’s relatives?”

He nodded again.

“I knew it.  You’re all so buff and handsome. I’m Miss Amanda. You can call me Amanda.”

“Amanda,” he breathed, leaning a little closer to draw in a lungful of her scent. “I’m Sand.”

She almost knocked him off his feet when she ran the tip of one soft finger down his nose to tap his lower lip. “And you all have such fun names. You’re adorable! I would love to play with your hair sometime. In fact, on my next day off, I’ll give you a freebie.”

She turned to saunter back to her door. Sand’s gaze fixed on her lush, swinging hips. She paused and turned back.

“Oh, I almost forgot what I came out for.  I was going to tell you that my first appointment tonight is Terry Askup. Last time he was here he was given a warning for being too rough. If it happens again, I’d like you to escort him out.”

Sand stared at her closed door with cold goo swimming in his guts. Miss Amanda was his mate. His mate was a business woman. In a few minutes she would be entertaining a man with a history of roughness, and she might ask him to escort her appointment out.

Escort him out? Hell, the man would be lucky to leave alive. The wolf inside snarled at the idea of any man making an appointment with Miss Amanda. Sand exerted all his will to force the wolf back. He was not entirely successful.

This was not good.


Amanda glanced at the clock and stretched out on her side on the bed, allowing her robe to show a hint of her filmy nightdress in a demure but subtly sensual pose she knew Terry would like. It was her job to know what her appointments would like and provide it to them. Terry preferred his women to be submissive and present a façade of innocence even while they drove him wild in bed. Submissive and innocent wasn’t Amanda’s thing, but she took pride in her reputation as a woman worth every penny of her fee, so for Terry she’d be submissive and innocent.

Footsteps paused outside her door. She adjusted the neck of her nightdress to show a hint of cleavage and looked at the door with wide eyes, trying for a surprised expression, as innocent as a schoolgirl and as provocative as Eve.

Surprise became real when Sand stepped in and slammed the door behind him. She jerked into a sitting position on the bed, thinking he was gorgeous. Out in the hall he had been cute, with that one imperfect tooth and tongue-tied stammer, but now, with his hip length black hair gleaming in the lamp light and black eyes fixed fiercely on her, he was a beautiful, deadly animal.

“Sand! What’s wrong? Where’s Terry?”

“Terry,” he snarled, his upper lip lifting. “He won’t be visiting you tonight. Or ever again.”

“What?” she began. “Why?”

Sand dragged her up off the bed and held her while he looked her over thoroughly. His gaze was hot enough to brand her. She couldn’t miss the bulge straining the front of his jeans, and an answering heat lit in her. That was strange. She didn’t usually become aroused so easily. But Sand was amazingly compelling. She stroked her fingers down his cheeks.

“Saturday is all yours, handsome,” she promised in a whisper.

“Tonight,” he corrected her hoarsely. “I’ve cancelled all your appointments for tonight.”

She wasn’t sure if she should laugh or scream. “Well, who said you could do that?”

“I did. Paint’s taking my place in the hall.” His face was very calm when he bent close to her, but hints of wildness showed in the set of that wide mouth. “Tell me to go, and I will. But tell me now, because you can’t change your mind later.”

He smelled so good. His body beneath the cotton shirt and jeans was lean and muscular. Most of her appointments were middle aged men with bodies made soft by an easy life of wealth. They were the only ones who could afford her price. Looking at the barely constrained strength in Sand’s body made her want to experience his lovemaking.

She placed her hands over the taut curve of his pectoral muscles and stroked down to his narrow waist where his belt buckle gleamed. “Take your clothes off, Sand.”

2 Responses to Tuesday Teaser 12/17/13-Sand and Amanda Continued

  • I can see you creating a romance within a romance with both stories happening at the same time and maybe intersecting at several key places within the climax and ending.You can also write a short story added to the end of the story. Your story sounds great so far. Good luck.

  • This is so cool…. I love this series, and how each part intertwines with the other stories….

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